Which Denomination Makes Better Missionaries?

The Chinese vision of Back to Jerusalem appeals to Christians around the world, because it applies directly to the promise of Jesus found in Matthew 24:14. Back to Jerusalem, as an organization, works with all denominations across the entire spectrum – Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Apostolic, Amish, Mennonite, Coptic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Assyrian Christians, Chaldean Christians, and so many more

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Police Launch City Wide Raid on Churches in Largest Show of Force This Year

Authorities in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen marched out several platoons of police officers to launch church raids throughout the city. The police officers came prepared for battle against the city’s Christians. According to pictures and video posted to social media on June 11, a company-sized unit comprised of at least four platoons of uniformed urban police officers and

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China Pushes New Narrative – Blame Church For Spread of Covid-19

In China’s Zhejiang Province, the government is willing to allow religious venues to reopen under one condition – the pastors praise the government’s fight against the coronavirus and share sermons about how Christian churches have aided in it’s spread. According to one report, government officials in Zhejiang Province are demanding that churches include “vivid and touching stories of fighting the

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