Christmas greeting from Dove!

As many children this year missed school, Sunday schools were also affected and so was our Dove training for Sunday school teachers. But there were highlights, even in this year, to celebrate.

We are thankful that our Sunday school materials were translated into the Tamil language, which has 70 million speakers. So far, 1000 books have been printed to help Sunday school teachers disciple the children under their care.

Even though our trainers cannot travel the globe, we have local people in many places in Asia who have been trained and are training others. Part of the commitment trainees make is that they will use what they have learned to instruct others. In this way the training does not depend on people from abroad flying in. This approach has proven to be very useful during a pandemic.

For the new year we will continue to support local trainers, and work with those asking for translations in new languages. But there is also a digital training being prepared from Finland, which one of our digital partners help set up. We look forward to being able to include people from different locations in this way.

Please keep this work in your prayers. May many children be impacted in this coming year with the life giving Word of God through the work of these faithful teachers.

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