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Nepal Government Orders Strict Monitoring of Religious Conversions

Nepal’s government has given instructions to all the district leaders to hunt for foreigners conducting religious activities in the country. According to a report by the Katmandu Post, Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs sent an order on April 7 that instructed all 77 district administration offices to track the movement of foreign missionaries and monitor any religious conversions. The government

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Islamic Leaders in Iran Launch Attack on Israel While Iranian Christians Pray for Israel

Iran has essentially declared war on Israel, as hundreds of drones and missiles were shot at Israel last night. As the world braces for a reaction, Iranian Christians are praying for the protection of the world’s only Jewish nation and also asking for prayer as they prepare for increase persecution. Last weekend I spent time with three Iranian fellowships and

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A Lost Missionary Report from Vietnam: “A handful when hungry – a basket full when full”

The following is a lost report from Vietnam missionaries in 1968. Most people remember the Vietnam war from the perspective of soldiers, politicians, or student protestors, but few have heard the stories of how the missionaries stayed and gave their lives during a time of hardship. This missions article was written after the The Tet Offensive, an unprovoked surprise attack

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DOES CHINA SUPPORT HAMAS? You Might Be Surprised by the Answer.

A large cache of advanced weapons systems from China was just discovered in Gaza, according to the IDF. Israeli intelligence reported finding assault rifles, telescopic sights, listening devices, tactical military radios, grenade launchers, and other advanced communication equipment. The Chinese Communist Party has made no secret about objections to Israel defending themselves and their desire to see the establishment of

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