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North Korea Threatening to Use Nuclear Weapons – Missionaries Might Know Why

Many experts believe that North Korea is preparing to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to the border of South Korea, as a direct threat to annihilate the 26 million people living in and around Seoul, its capital. We predicted this would happen last month during the BTJ tour in the Netherlands, where we shared information about BTJ’s operations inside North Korea.

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HELP Desperately Needed in Afghanistan BUT – BTJ Partners Send STARK WARNING About Sending Aid

Day two of the relief efforts began in Afghanistan this morning, as more than 1,000 people are reportedly dead after the 5.9 earthquake smashed the nation’s south-eastern region. The situation is much worse than originally thought. “The numbers are getting worse by the hour,” said BTJ’s partner on the ground in Afghanistan, who was fired from their job last year

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90 Year Old “Grandpa Cardinal Joseph” Arrest is a Sign of China’s Extreme Persecution

The arrest of Shanghai-born Cardinal Joseph Zen last month was a strong sign that China is no longer playing games with religious leaders. Joseph Zen, who is more than 90 years old and is known affectionately as ‘Grandpa Cardinal,’ is considered a major threat to China’s national security. He is accused of colluding with foreign forces, partly because of his

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Chinese Christians Locked Out of Their Bank Accounts Because of… COVID

A nightmare is becoming reality in China. Chinese Christians are reporting that believers have been cut off from their bank accounts. This is not just happening with Christians; this is happening across the whole of China. Beijing is not admitting the impact their Zero-Covid strategy is having on the economy and now it seems they are systematically taking money from

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