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EXCLUSIVE! Transgender Pioneer Joins BTJ Podcast and Reveals to Parents REAL Reason LGBTQ Targets Children

TARGET, a major department store, has come under fire this month for a campaign that seemed to ‘TARGET’ children with a well-planned LGBTQ agenda. Target’s PRIDE collection, which included men’s bathing suits with a ‘tucking pouch’ also had selections that purposefully included satanic imagery like pentagrams, horned skulls, and references to the devil which had many parents asking, “Why was

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Yesterday, BTJ had the rare opportunity to visit and share the vision of the underground house church of China with Kristna Skolan, a Christian school in southern Stockholm. Kristna Skolan is a very unique school for primary and secondary children in and around the Swedish capital of Stockholm. A couple hundred students from ages 8-16 years old attended the weekly

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New Business in China? Buy Covid-19 Testing Booth as Your New Office!

Looking for a cheap start-up business in China? Buying an old Covid-19 testing booth as your office might save your new company big bucks. Thousands of Covid-19 testing booths have been abandoned in China and are being bought up by some cash-strapped entrepreneurs to be makeshift guard booths, food stalls, neighborhood libraries, tourist-information booths, travel agencies, and even employment centers.

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