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Facebook to Reinstate Former President Donald Trump’s Account and Why Christians Should be Skeptical

Facebook announced yesterday that it will allow former President Donald Trump to begin using his Facebook account again after suspending him over two years ago, but there are devils in the details and it should worry Christians. It was Facebook’s reaction to Donald Trump on January 6 2021, that immediately triggered BTJ to work on alternatives for social media, payment

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Meet China’s ’50 Cent Army’

Meet the world’s largest online government sponsored military, A.K.A China’s ’50 Cent Army’. Chances are, you have already met them, but you just didn’t know it. Whenever you’ve opened up your social media, listened to the news, or clicked on an article about China, you have likely been exposed to an opinion that has been shaped by China’s ’50 Cent

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Help Save This Christian Boy from Execution

Image source: Shahzad Masih was only a 16-year-old Christian boy living in Pakistan when he was accused of making an unkind comment about Islam – a comment he claims that he didn’t make. Local Muslims demanded that the young Christian boy be arrested and executed. Now, the Islamic courts have charged Shahzad with blasphemy and sentenced him to death

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Meeting in Davos Invented This Word to Make You Even More Afraid! Get Ready to Hear It Everywhere

This week, as the world’s most elite decision-makers meet in the exclusive Swiss ski resort town of Davos, a buzzword has been circulating that will most likely be parroted for years to come. It is being used to describe the apocalyptic disaster facing humanity which can only be saved, in their view, by a one world government and economy. Christians

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Following China’s Example? Tony Blair Suggests One World Digital Monitoring System for Vaccines

In line with China’s vast digital monitoring system, former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, called for a “digital infrastructure” on a global scale to monitor who is vaccinated and who is not at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. NEW – Tony Blair calls for a "digital infrastructure" to monitor who is vaccinated and who is not for the "vaccines that

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Guerrilla Warfare: Three Ways BTJ Provides Bibles to Iran

When you support BTJ Bible distribution efforts, you support one of the most aggressive frontline Christian mission operations in the world. Nations like China, North Korea and Iran have declared all-out war on Christians, which is why BTJ employs small-unit gorilla-warfare tactics to support the underground church. Many Christians are not comfortable with language that mixes the Gospel with the

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China Open For Travel – BUT – Three Crazy Rules Every Christian Should Know Before Going

China has opened its borders again, but some massive changes have taken place that you need to be aware of before you go. China has essentially closed the door to foreigners for the last three years. Foreign missionaries living and working in the country found it extremely difficult and expensive to leave and return. In fact, many found it impossible,

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