Join together with the underground house church of China today and help complete the Great Commission

We at BTJ know there are many who hunger to join the Chinese House Church in spreading the Gospel in areas that have had little or no access to the Bible. If that’s you – if your heart burns with a desire for unreached tribes to come to know Jesus – then consider becoming a BTJ GateKeeper.

STAND together with Chinese believers who believe that we can complete the Great Commission in our life-time.

For less than $1 per day, your monthly commitment of $25 or more can help us go further, faster, and deeper than has ever been possible before.


As a vital element of the BTJ team, GateKeepers commit to monthly prayer and financial support of $25 or more. Out GateKeepers enable us to:

  • Fulfill the Great Commission

  • Evangelize the unreached peoples in the 10/40 window

  • Record the Bible and teaching materials into the languages of unreached people groups

  • Support safe houses and minister to former ISIS victims of human trafficking

  • Training and sending out missionaries who plant and work with churches, schools, and orphanages

  • Prepare, supply, and staff teams on the ground for the times when natural or other disasters strike

And oh… so much more that is COMPLETELY illegal in closed nations.

With your help, we can invade the enemy’s camp with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that have never been dreamed of.

BTJ has developed brand new technological and electronic solutions like the micro-sized pill Bible for delivering the word of God to places where possessing a Bible can be a death sentence.

BTJ is also working on devices that allow Christians to communicate and disciple new leaders in closed nations.

All this and more is possible because of the faithful backing of our GateKeeper community.


As a BTJ GateKeeper you will receive free GateKeeper Gifts which may include:

  • Electronic missions books

  • BTJ Audio books read by author Eugene Bach

  • Exclusive interview material by Brother Yun

  • 25% or more off the store

  • Emergency prayer requests directly from the field

  • Links to exclusive podcasts from the field with real-world reports

  • And more!

As a GateKeeper you will also have special access in our BTJ Mobile App to have a behind the scenes look at our new releases before they are completely edited and made available to the public.

Less than $1 per day may not seem like much… but to those we work with and help every day across the world, it means everything!

GateKeepers are also given special offers to join us on the field in places like China, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, and so many more locations where BTJ missionaries are preaching the Gospel.

And those of us that help coordinate the GateKeepers partnership are also GateKeepers. We understand your passion because we share your passion.

*All GateKeeper donations from this website are in USD, regardless of the currency in the country you are donating from

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