Back To Jerusalem UK Office

Back To Jerusalem is in the United Kingdom!

If you live in Europe, you can now contact BTJ UK directly. To invite brother Yun, make a donation, get information, or any other reason, please contact Pastor Danny or the UK office!

With this new office you now have the opportunity to have a Back To Jerusalem Ambassador come to your church or group in the UK. Please call or email the office to schedule an ambassador to come share with you!

Pastor Danny Lee

Pastor Danny runs the UK Office of BTJ. Danny has been associated with BTJ for many years. Back in 2003 Danny met with Brother Yun and helped arrange meetings for his first ever UK tour.

Danny is married to Jo, who is one of authors of the regular BTJ articles. They have been married since 2002 and have two young daughters.

Danny’s family is dedicated to serving BTJ by raising awareness of the vision in the UK and Western Europe. Danny is also a BTJ Ambassador and is available to speak throughout the UK in sharing about the work, projects and vision of Back to Jerusalem.

If you would like to find out more, or to subscribe to the BTJ bi-monthly newsletter, please email or call the UK Office.


    • Back To Jerusalem
    •    Hope Centre
    •    Grove Road
    •    Rotherham
    •    South Yorkshire
    •    S60 2ER
    •    United Kingdom
    • +44 (0)1709 820896

Donations from Europe can now be made directly through the UK office, and you can also now receive the European version of BTJ’s newsletter. To make a donation or sign up for the newsletter, please contact the UK office for details.