Tour Media Kit

Thank you for hosting BTJ! Here are some ideas and resources to help you get the word out to your community.

If you have any questions about these resources or your event, please feel free to contact Will Gray at

We at the US BTJ office will be praying for your event!

We have included sample event information and QR codes on the sample posters and flyers. The QR code makes it easy to navigate to the event’s page with a smart phone. QR codes can be generated for free on the BarcodesInc website.

BTJ Videos

Here are a few videos that can be used to promote the Back to Jerusalem vision and build excitement for the speaking event. The first one is an introductory video from Brother Yun in Jerusalem that we have used to start events. Feel free to make use of these however the Lord leads.

BTJ Tour Welcome
57 seconds
This short video from Brother Yun in Jerusalem is often used at the beginning of a speaking event, but can also be used as a promotional video leading up to the event.

Bless Your Enemies
3 minutes 54 seconds
This fantastic short film is an inspirational introduction to the Back to Jerusalem vision.

Support BTJ
7 minutes 30 seconds
Although outdated, this short film gives an excellent overview of the types of projects BTJ is doing and how our support is used.

BTJ Informational Documents

Here are some documents with simple information that can help you compose newspaper articles or conduct radio interviews.

TourPromo.docx              AboutBTJ.docx
Eugene Bio             Miriam Bio

Sample Posters and Handbills

Here are some sample posters and handbills that are designed to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. The poster can also be printed larger on 11″ x 17″ paper. Click on the PSD icons to download editable Adobe Photoshop PSD files. You’re free to use them as-is or change them however you like.

Sample Poster

Editable Poster File

Sample Handbills (Two-sided, 4-up)

Click to enlarge

Editable Front File

Click to enlarge

Editable Back File

Sample Social Media Promo Image

Editable Promo Image File

Sample Handbills Alternate Design

Click to enlarge

Editable Front File

Click to enlarge

Editable Back File

Alternate Images and Logos

Finally, here are some images of our speakers and some BTJ logos if you want to create your own graphics or other media. Click on an image to download the full size.