Brother Yun and his wife Deling: A TRUE LOVE STORY

Today on Valentine’s Day there will be many lovers all around the world promising to love each other forever – for better or worse.

For Brother Yun and his wife Deling, the commitment that they made to each other on their wedding day has been tested over and over again. Brother Yun and Deling were married in Communist China and did not say the traditional western wedding vows of “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

However, it is their actions – not their words – that has remained true and stood the test of time.

Brother Yun and Deling spent much of the first years of their marriage as Christian fugitives running from the police. Brother Yun spent several anniversaries in prison.

Even after they were able to leave China and find safety in Germany, they were immediately met with personal attacks that tested their love for one another.

Once the attacks blew over, Deling was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that has left her, at times, immobile and on the edge of death.

During the time of her greatest need, Brother Yun stopped all speaking engagements and only focused on tending to his wife. He fed her, bathed her, prayed for her and remained at her bed side reading the Bible to her hour after hour.

For Valentine’s Day this year, we offer an older podcast from two years ago retelling the details of this amazing love story between Deling and Brother Yun.

Click on the link below to hear the entire story.

Episode 81: A Brother Yun Love Story

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