Isolated BTJ Workers Go Hungry and Ask For Prayer

In a recent article, we shared about increasing pressures on food supplies in North Korea resulting from the long border closure in response to Covid-19. First and foremost, these shortages are affecting regular families of North Koreans. But foreigners residing in North Korea are not safe from food shortage either. The Russian diplomat family who recently left the country, told how difficult it was for his family to get hold of basic foodstuff, and how the prices of food had gone up sharply. Now we hear the same from our BtJ team in North Korea.

Chinese businesses are no longer able to provide their workers with what they need. Because of the border closure it was already impossible to ship goods and supplies. However, there had been ways for Chinese businesses to get some money into North Korea, so their employees could buy food. That door has closed.

With money running out and food prices through the roof, our workers too can no longer eat as much as they need and have asked for your prayers. It is not possible at the current time to help them in a practical way, however much we want to. We want to ask you to pray that the China-North Korea border will reopen, at least partly, so food can be brought into the nation and all people inside will be able to buy food at reasonable prices again.

Pray also for our workers specifically, who have now been isolated for a year, unable to travel out of the country. Pray that God will give them strength to face these challenges and that He will provide for their needs and for those around them. May God strengthen their testimony and help them bring hope to those who suffer.

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