Tweens and Teens for Missions: Great New Resource!

Are you a parent, sunday school teacher or youth leader in your church? We have have developed an exciting, free resource for young people between the ages of 9-13. Our Mission 10/40 course introduces tweens and teens to the amazing, ongoing story of mission.

In eight chapters, this course goes through all the basics, including sections on the Biblical story of missions, the 10/40 window, relating to different cultures, unreached people groups, the persecuted church, the Back to Jerusalem vision and even some Chinese church history. It helps these tweens dive deeper and really be challenged to become part of the story of missions that is still being written.

Every chapter has an introduction to the topic, relevant Bible verses, interesting discussion questions to get the young people thinking and talking, and activities ranging from fun and relaxing to challenging and academic. The final chapter has a number of creative assignments the young people can choose from to wrap up the course. If they send evidence of work completed, they can get a certificate of completion from Back to Jerusalem.

The course is ideal for Sunday school classes, youth groups, and home school groups. Teenagers can also do the course by themselves but it would be great if a parent can be their discussion partner for the questions. Since it has quite a few paper-based activities, it works best when printed out. But the participants will need internet access to look up information and suggested videos.

We are really excited to challenge this age group to step out into the worldwide church and see what adventures God has waiting for them there!

Nice to know: the graphics and illustrations for this course were done by a teenager who has grown up on the mission field!

You can download the course here

See below for some example pages!



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  1. Elijah Moise from Youth Group Ministry

    Thanks for sharing this great resource! This would be super helpful for my future youth group ministry lessons. I’m glad that I found this helpful article.


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