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Russia and North Korea: Comrades in Crime

The war in Ukraine is rekindling old alliances and not in a good way. Recently, it was revealed that Russia had bought drones from Iran to replace their losses on the battlefield, but to replace ammunition like artillery shells and rockets, it has turned to another old comrade: North Korea. Many use this deal to point out how badly Russia

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Whiteness: From Asset to Obstacle

China has a long history of isolationism and suspicion of foreigners and who can blame them? The opium wars gave China every reason to doubt the foreigners’ intentions towards them. The hundred years before the communist takeover are known in China as the age of humiliation, where Western powers and Japan forced China into unequal treaties. As soon as they

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China’s Lost Bible Translation

Imagine you are a 17th century well-educated priest in France. One day, you receive a call to go to China. That meant giving up everything familiar, all your friends and relatives, and stepping into the great unknown. Imagine that you arrive in China and get to work, preaching the gospel and pastoring a church. Soon, you realise that there is

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China Rewrites the Bible – Will the Communist Party Allow the Prodigal Son His Party?

We have previously reported on China’s efforts to produce a Bible that is more acceptable to the communist party. It is said that the new Bible will incorporate Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings, along with communist ideology. The purpose is “cultivating and implementing the socialist core values” of Chinese society into the scriptures. It is easier than you might think

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Distressing News Coming Out of North Korea

Distressing news has been coming out of North Korea. Open Doors reported an unusually severe attack on Christians, even by North Korean standards. It is believed that as part of a larger operation against Christians in a certain area, one church meeting was raided by security police. All those present, several dozens, were executed on the spot. Their relatives, more

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