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Mary Stone – A Forgotten Hero of China

The expected life path for a woman in late Qing dynasty, China, was quite restricted. Little Han Chinese girls were subject to foot binding, which meant that she would never be able to walk any significant distance without debilitating pain. Her place would be quite literally at the home doing housework and homebased economic activity such as weaving. Any education

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The Cry of the Pioneer Missionaries: “send another to take my place.”

When we think of the great mission pioneers, we often remember them for their decades of faithful service, building churches, translating scripture, and leaving a legacy that lasts. But not all missionaries get there. Some only serve very briefly and leave little more than a gravestone. The Tibetans in the early 20th century were a collection of mostly unreached tribes,

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Naghmeh Panahi in the Netherlands

Our BTJ friends in the Netherlands are in for a treat. This month, Naghmeh Panahi is visiting, and the BTJ Netherlands team has organised several meetings. This is a wonderful chance to hear Naghmeh’s testimony, learn about persecution and revival in Iran and get involved in prayer for the church there. There will also be (limited) copies of her new

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Financial Fraud in Missions

NBC news had a shocking headline on Wednesday. An American man, Jason Gerald Shenk, who claimed to be a missionary, collected 30 million USD in donations from people in Ohio and North Carolina for ‘Bibles for China’. This money never reached China, but was spent on private purchases, online gambling, gold, and diamonds. He is now an international fugitive and

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The Useless Bible Translation

A lot of missionary effort in hindsight turns out to be quite a waste of time, at least as far as we can judge. How many missionaries have trained and did years of language study, only to have their visa rejected or face evacuation? How many institutes that were established with faith and prayer were destroyed or closed before fulfilling

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