Missionary Maniac or Martyr?

This essay is longer than most BTJ articles, but well worth the read. The news headlines of the past week have been inundated with stories about the death of 26-year-old John Chau from the arrows of a primitive people group on North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean. Chau made three attempts to befriend the people. After he was shot

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Caught between politics and persecution

How do you become world famous as a pastor? Apparently, getting arrested by the right people can help. Andrew Brunson now shares in the unsought fame of other believers, falsely accused and held as political pawns by dictators who needed a good bargaining chip in their dealings with the US. Andrew Brunson was arrested almost two years ago, in October

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BTJ’s New Children’s Book Deemed Too Radical for Bookstores

Back to Jerusalem is introducing a series of new books that might be too radical for most Christian book stores. “These books are great, but I am afraid that they may be too heavy on miracles for the mainstream Christian market,” said one Christian publishing executive. “We would love to introduce them to several Christian book stores, but because there

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