Urgent Need in Iran

Heavy floods have devastated the south-eastern area of Iran, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is one of the poorest areas in Iran. Thousands have been displaced and an unknown number of people have died.

The severe rainfall and flooding blocked roads, destroyed houses and displaced thousands of people in southeastern provinces of Kerman as well.

Massive flooding has also blocked rural roads link more than 500 villages, officials said.

In some 40 town and villages in Sistan and Baluchestan, authorities rescued at least 1,248 people and provided emergency accommodation, but much more is needed.

At a time when the Iranian government is experiencing massive protests calling for the resignation of the leaders, relief efforts to help flood victims is not a top priority. Back to Jerusalem missionaries are in the region today providing aid.

A text message from Iran today said, “there is an immediate need for warm clothes, blankets, food, hygiene items, and milk powder.”

Back to Jerusalem is sending immediate aid to the region to help those in need.

To help donate to this effort, please click here:

Disaster Relief

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