Chinese Song Writer Pen’s Song for BTJ Pakistan Martyrs

In June 2017, two Chinese missionaries were abducted and killed by ISIS while serving in the the remote town of Quetta, in the impoverished Balochistan province of Pakistan.

The story of sacrifice by the two missionaries Li Zingyang (24) and Meng Lisi (26) has touched lives all over China. I took a trip to the remote area of western China last week to visit underground house churches working in minority Muslim areas. They were visibly moved by the story of these two missionaries.

They have become the embodiment of sacrifice that BTJ missionaries aspire to.

Since then, BTJ representatives in the UK, US, and Canada have placed the pictures of these two missionaries in the offices so that their memories, and what they died for, will never be forgotten.

One person who is familiar with sacrifice is Xiao Min. She is one of the most beloved treasures in the underground house church today because of the hundreds of songs that she has written. Her songs are filled with passion and sacrifice and are sung by underground house churches all over China.

Last month, after hearing the testimonies of the BTJ missionaries Li Zingyang and Meng Lisi, she sat down and wrote another song to honor their memory.

The song is #1810 of the Canaan Hymns and is called “Blood of Missionaries Scattered in Presence of Worldly Rulers.

I was inspired by this song and will play it in our next BTJ podcast for those that would like to hear Xiao Min sing it.

Below are the lyrics:

Blood of Missionaries scattered in presence of worldly rulers

Their stories are shared around the world

Their families feel the pain

The Lord will comfort them and turn their pain into testimony

Gaze upon their faces and see how they are so beautiful and calm

During their youth and strength they devoted their lives

My heart cannot remain still

My tears continue to flow

I am ready to be a martyr on this road westward

Your blood was not shed in vanity, but it gives a powerful testimony in Pakistan

Wait for us, the Chinese Church is marching to you

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