A New Year Raid on Christian Missionaries

China conducted a surprise raid and has arrested several missionaries this week. The missionaries spent New Year’s evening in intense Chinese interrogation. Their phones, computers, and address books were seized during the raid and are being used for information on underground house church meetings and missionary activities.

“Things are pretty intense right now [in our area of China],” writes one of the BTJ workers inside China who first reported about the surprise raid that took place yesterday. “[Several missionaries] were taken in for interrogation on the same day. Got all their computers and phones and had been documenting their work for a while.”

The secret police had been monitoring the missionaries for a while and have gathered information on their activities and their contacts. Now that the police have access to their computers and mobile phones, they are able to build a stronger case against the Christians in their area and possibly make further arrests in the church.


The place in China and names of the missionaries cannot be released at this moment for fear that it might tip the secret police who are conducting the interrogation. No other news outlet is reporting it at the moment.

Please pray for the safety of these missionaries as they spend New Years day in an interrogation room.

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