One of the ways in which we want to serve Christian projects is by helping them develop a reliable power supply. The lack or deficiency of a power grid frustrates the work that is being done and makes people’s daily lives much more complicated.


Over the years we have built up experience in developing sustainable power supplies in places where this is most essential. We choose renewable energy sources, both for environmental reasons and so that the projects do not remain dependent on outside input. So far we have installed solar panels and wind turbines in places as diverse as The Philippines, Sudan, North Korea, India and China, supplying power to agricultural projects, clinics, schools and ministry centers.

Recently we have joined our partners to supply a mission training center in Mongolia with solar panels. The work suffered from regular power outages, lasting 4-6 hours at the time. We have been helping them to set up a back -up battery system which can cover energy needs for these periods.


Apart from the supply issue, we also found there was much room for improvement in wiring and prioritizing available electricity for the most crucial appliances, as well as becoming more energy efficient. As our Chinese BTJ missionaries work with the team in Mongolia we pray our efforts may be used to bless the training center and the missionaries that are preparing for service.


Contributing Author: Kajsa

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Kajsa lives and works in Korea with her family and writes about the political, economical, and spiritual development of the country.



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