DAY THIRTY: Training of Pastors and Church Planters (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Back to Jerusalem missionaries from China know that handing out Bibles and praying for people is not going to bring long term change in North Korea. In order to bring long term change, there is a huge need for making disciples. Pastors, evangelists, and ministers are desperately needed. That is why Chinese missionaries are not just sharing the Good News

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DAY TWENTY SEVEN: Business As Mission (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Today’s global economy has created strategic opportunities for Christian businesses in some of the most unlikely corners of the world and North Korea is no different. North Korea is extremely dependent on the economy of China. This gives Back to Jerusalem missionaries from China an amazing opportunity to start a wide range of businesses. Business as Mission (BAM) is a

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US Government Monitoring Bible Purchases

In a shocking development, Rep. Jim Jordan has released a letter identifying a program carried out by the US Government that closely monitors activities related to missionary work, including travel and the purchase of Bibles. This overreach by the U. S. Government is reminiscent of what happens in China, North Korea, and Russia. Religious freedom is a fundamental right that

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