BTJ Finds Back Door Channel to Provide Aid to North Korea During Extreme Food Shortage

North Korea is being slammed by a trifecta of disasters which is leading to severe food shortages in the country. This spring, North Korea experienced extreme flooding, shortly followed by a drought and now, on top of that, Covid-19 is taking a toll. Up until this month, the North Korean government maintained that their Covid-19 preventative measures had been effective.

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China Wants to Shoot Down Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites – And Christians Are One Reason Why

The Chinese military is drawing up plans to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system, which has the capacity to give unfettered Internet connection to people in the most remote areas of the earth – including China. Starlink currently uses a series of small, private, low-orbit satellites to give Internet access coverage to anyone anywhere in the world, and this is

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Urgent Help Needed ⚠️ 57 Dead and Two Million+ Displaced as Deadly Floods Smash Bangladesh

Bangladesh and parts of India have been slammed by deadly floods, which have already claimed the lives of 57 people and left more than two million displaced. Torrential rains have caused the worst flooding in Bangladesh in nearly two decades. As reports come in, BTJ is immediately sending aid. “Our partners are asking for help,” came the message from one

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As the World Abandons Afghanistan, China Moves In

Although the international community has abandoned Afghanistan, there is one nation that is moving in with more force than ever before – CHINA. China has established strong ties with the new Taliban regime in Afghanistan and is throwing their weight behind the government to establish security. China has promised the Taliban to speed up emergency shipments of humanitarian assistance, such

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