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We LOVE our Dingdash Family!

A couple of years ago, BTJ noticed that social media platforms were becoming increasingly restrictive as accounts were being closely monitored and users were no longer able to post freely. This prompted us to create our own platform – Dingdash. We saw a large amount of people joining Dingdash from countries all around the world and it wasn’t long before

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DAY 29: Sister Jing

Shandong Province has played a pivotal role in China’s revival. Missionaries from the West gave their lives in Shandong to bring the gospel message to the Chinese. One of those missionaries was a leading Baptist-philanthropist-turned-Pentecostal-evangelist, L.M. Aglin. A young man by the name of Jing Dianying went to work for L.M. Aglin, received the Lord, and was baptized in the

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DAY 26: Sister An

Sister An is serving as one of the main trainers for Back to Jerusalem’s Dove Project. The Dove Project has been used to train more than 250,000 Sunday School teacher-trainers in China, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. An is from Henan Province where Norwegian missionary Marie Monsen spent most of her time ministering in the

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