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Prayers Answered in Ukraine?

The world has watched as the war many hoped would never happen, happened overnight. There are reports of thousands of refugees leaving Ukraine into neighbouring nations to find safety for their families. Our BTJ office in Poland reported that at the writing of this article, more than 30,000 refugees have crossed the border into Poland to flee the conflict. Right

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A Prayer for Rain in Iran in 2022

Most of our readers will be aware of the growing church in Iran, the miracles that are happening there and the challenges converts from Islam face. We continue to pray for them, as we work to help the young church with Bibles and support their efforts in disaster relief. However, the country of Iran faces many challenges, which also greatly

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A Big Thank You from BTJ USA!

Over the years, BTJ has been blessed with donations in various shapes and forms. Besides cash, we have been gifted gold, silver, jewelry, watches, children… ok, not children, so please don’t contact us about them, they are a blessing from God, and we don’t want to take that blessing away from you! While the gifts listed above are transferred into

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We LOVE our Dingdash Family!

A couple of years ago, BTJ noticed that social media platforms were becoming increasingly restrictive as accounts were being closely monitored and users were no longer able to post freely. This prompted us to create our own platform – Dingdash. We saw a large amount of people joining Dingdash from countries all around the world and it wasn’t long before

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