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Assyrian Bishop Brutally Attacked While Preaching in His Church

An instagram account, @eastern_christians, broke the news yesterday that Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was brutally attacked in front of his congregation at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Sydney, Australia. The attack took place on Monday and was caught on video. The horrifying video shows Assyrian Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel sharing with his congregation when a man in black clothing

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DAY THIRTY: Training of Pastors and Church Planters (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Back to Jerusalem missionaries from China know that handing out Bibles and praying for people is not going to bring long term change in North Korea. In order to bring long term change, there is a huge need for making disciples. Pastors, evangelists, and ministers are desperately needed. That is why Chinese missionaries are not just sharing the Good News

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DAY TWENTY EIGHT: A Gospel Franchise (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Back to Jerusalem missionaries have set up a small business that is allowing them to have regular access throughout North Korea. For security reasons, the details of the business cannot be revealed, but it has allowed a group of Chinese missionaries to move to North Korea to share the Gospel. The missionaries have been trying to make their business competitive

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