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Christians in 2023 NEED to Hear This!

The church in the west has been in a slumber. Perhaps we have focussed more on encouraging the Church, rather than getting believers ready for battle.  Encouragement for encouragement’s sake achieves very little; the truth is people need something to fight for. There is a battle that needs to be fought, and each one of us carry our own responsibility

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The Need Continues in Turkey and Syria

It has been almost one month since the devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th. As news cycles change and reports slow down, there are still many working on the ground dealing with the very real consequences of the tragedy. Homes are destroyed, family members have been lost, and people are dealing with injuries from both the earthquake

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Christians Have All the Money, People and Training Needed to Reach the World With the Gospel – We Lack Obedience

MESQUITE, Texas — “All the things I’ve learned, I’ve had to relearn them again from the persecuted church.” That’s what Eugene Bach, who has a doctoral degree, told listeners at the Dallas-area Voices of the Persecuted Church Conference in late October. Bach, who goes by a pseudonym because of his ongoing work in China, has authored or co-authored over a dozen books, including two from

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Looking Back at the VOICES OF THE PERSECUTED CHURCH Conference 2022

MESQUITE, Texas — “You have to give forth great light in this time,” Brother Yun, a man who says he miraculously walked out of a maximum-security prison in China, told The Stream in an interview at the Voices of the Persecuted Church conference. Several hundred people from around the nation and the world filled a meeting room near Dallas, Texas, October 22-23

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Prayers Answered in Ukraine?

The world has watched as the war many hoped would never happen, happened overnight. There are reports of thousands of refugees leaving Ukraine into neighbouring nations to find safety for their families. Our BTJ office in Poland reported that at the writing of this article, more than 30,000 refugees have crossed the border into Poland to flee the conflict. Right

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