During the High Level Communist Party Meetings in Beijing Today – Something was Missing

On Tuesday, doors were closed to the Great People’s Hall as the Communist Party continued their meetings inside. Outside on the streets there was something noticeably missing – Protestors. Protesting is not allowed during these important government meetings in Beijing. However, it might surprise you to know who is helping the Chinese, to stop those that disagree with the policy

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The Skies Over Beijing Turn Black in Middle of Day as Government Passes New Laws Against Christians

The skies over Beijing turned dark and black in the middle of the day on Thursday, as the Communist Party came together for an annual meeting. Chen Beingzhong, a life-long Beijing resident described it in one report to the Epoch Times “as an alarm from god.” He said that there was “Thunder rolling. Heavy gale blowing. The sky was very

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ZOOM UNSAFE: BTJ Recommends New Video Conferencing App

After using ZOOM for several months at BTJ, we have determined that this app is completely unsafe for ministries that work in closed countries and unfit for Christian meetings. Our recommendation is that ministries working in China should steer clear of using this video-conferencing platform altogether. The good news is that we have found an alternative that is free, doesn’t

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A Trip that Changed My Life

This one is dedicated to crazy friends… Anna Luke shares about a trip that she took to Iraq, and the steps that it took in order for her to make that decision. TWO GUYS* Episode # 23 *Yes, we realize that this video does NOT feature 2 Guys. Celebrating mothers day, Anna Luke crashed the Two Guys show and wanted

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