How You Can Help: Bringing Hope to Turkey

Operation is underway in Turkey to build tiny homes for people who have lost everything in the recent earthquakes. Studies show that 1.5 million people are currently homeless with the need for 500,000 new homes to be built. While thousands are living in tents, staying with family and friends and others living in damaged buildings which are unsafe to occupy,

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What is Lacking in the Church Today? Brother Yun Shares the Answer to this Question from the Mount of Olives

Chinese evangelist Brother Yun, also known as the “Heavenly Man,” became one of the most prominent Christian leaders in China in the underground house church, even though he was an uneducated man from a poor village in Henan Province. He didn’t grow up in church, didn’t attend Bible school, and in fact had never met a Christian until his father

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A Jewish Museum in Shanghai?

In this episode, we revisit a memory of Eugene and his friend, Rabbi Myles, doing something new: visiting the Jewish Museum in Shanghai for the first time. Myles attempts to connect the Church around the world with the fundamental Jewish roots of our faith in Jesus as the Messiah. In this episode, Myles analyzes the impact that gentiles have had

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URGENT: BTJ by-passes Taliban to get Aid to Afghanistan After Deadly Earthquake Kills 13

A deadly earthquake struck Afghanistan on Tuesday, just as BTJ was arranging a shipment of food. The death toll has already claimed the lives of 13 people, but the number is expected to rise. “This is especially hard for us,” said Sarah (not her real name) from Afghanistan, “because people are already starving.” International aid organizations have echoed the words

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