Thief Breaks into BTJ Missionary Family Home and Steals Annual Support

Prayers are needed for a BTJ missionary family that had their home broken into over the weekend and all of their financial support stolen. BTJ missionaries are often living in extremely remote areas, preaching the Gospel to unreached tribes. Due to their rural location, professional banking services are often not available, meaning that their annual support has to be kept

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REPORT: North Korean Navy Shoots and Burns Body of South Korean Official

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said that a 47-year-old official with the Oceans and Fisheries ministry has been shot to death. His body was burned by the North Korean military after disappearing from an inspection boat off the western border island of Yeonpyeong on Monday. South Korea has condemned the event as “an act of brutality” and called for those responsible

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China Allowing Some Foreigners to Return After Six-month Travel Ban

After more than six months of blocking foreigners from China, there is finally some good news – the border is opening back up to foreigners.  The new border opening only applies to foreigners with valid Chinese residency visas. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has announced that foreigners with residency permits are allowed back into the country if their permits are still

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