BTJ Syria Prayer Guide: Day 1

Syria in the Bible Syrians can trace their heritage back to the very beginning as grandsons of Noah. According to tradition, Syria is a name that is derived from Aram, the son of Shem. That means that Syrians, like their Jewish cousins, are Semitic – from the sons of Shem. The land of Aram is found throughout the Bible and

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Come Join us in Sweden!

This coming weekend we will be with our good friends and partners Light in the East in Sweden.  ( We will be sharing about the current situation in China as well as the new methods being used to complete the Great Commission in North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc. Friday October 18 Immanuelskyrkan Örebro Örebro Start Time: 7:00 PM Saturday

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A Battle for Souls

Our previous articles have highlighted renewed persecution in China, as well as the system of prison camps, where both Muslim minorities and Christians are being held without trail. But what is going on behind the scenes? Potential for repression This massive wave of religious persecution came unexpected for many, but looking back it was inevitable. When there is revival and

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Creating a Christian underclass

In countries where the church is persecuted, Christians are often poor, lower-class people. There are several reasons for this. In Pakistan for example, the Christian minority largely comes from lower caste Hindus who converted to Christianity while the country was under British rule. In modern Pakistan, they remain largely working class, with some groups working as virtual slaves in fields

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Hard knocks for the Chinese Church

We have seen with great joy how in recent months God has continued to use Chinese missionaries all throughout the 10/40 window. However, things in China are changing fast. And BtJ’s work is facing major challenges as president Xi’s anti-Christian policies are being implemented more widely and consistently. Although it was quite clear from the start of president Xi’s rule

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