China Uses Mike Pompeo’s Christian Faith Against Him and It Backfires

The Communist Party of China unwittingly revealed the real role they feel Christians should play with their criticism of former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  What it reveals about their own understanding of Christianity is shocking. China’s Christian Council (CCC), the Communist Party representatives for Christianity in China, attacked Pompeo’s Christian faith when they wrote on their website that

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Franklin Graham Meets With Communist Party Members from China Embassy

Franklin Graham, son of the late world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, met with a Communist Party delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, to discuss strengthening relationships with the churches in China. Samaritan’s Purse leader, Franklin Graham posted on X on Wednesday that he met with a delegation from the Chinese Embassy during their visit to the Billy

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Bloody Knife Attack on Foreign Professors in China May Point to Larger Underlying Problem

A recent stabbing in China of four foreign professors this week is perhaps a sign that things are changing. Violence against foreigners in China is extremely rare. That is why the news of four American teachers being brutally stabbed in broad daylight this week is so shocking. Earlier this week, educators – affiliated with Iowa’s Cornell College, a small liberal

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WARNING: China Taking Over Media in Africa

In one of the largest secret moves in the world today, China is about to take over as the king of media in Africa. China’s Communist Party propaganda arm, Xinhua, now 37 bureaus in Africa, is providing free training to African journalists, is providing free infrastructure and communication equipment, and is even installing satellites for homes in Africa. This effort

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