Dealing with Fraud Evangelists

Pastor Chris Monaghan joins Eugene on this episode to discuss the importance of serving in God’s kingdom, and challenging the status quo. They discuss a few things that have happened in the past few months, but also discuss some pitfalls. First, they delve into the exciting new book released by Pastor Chris, titled “The Illustrated Book of Nehemiah,” which brings

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How to Help in Afghanistan

“We are a group of Shia’s in Afghanistan,” Susan (not her real name) said during an online meeting with BTJ. “Afghanistan is mainly Sunni and they persecute our area.” Susan is a medical doctor working with BTJ in Afghanistan. The project that we are working with her on cannot be shared online. The lives of Sarah, her friends, and her

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Barbara White: The Lion of Iraq

Almost ten years ago, while having lunch in Northern Iraq, I met a spirited woman full life and love. She immediately connected with the vision of the Chinese underground house church and began assisting believers wanting to serve in the Middle East. Barbara White, a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, moved to Iraq as a widow woman ready to give her

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