BTJ Podcast Saturday Morning Call-In

The Back to Jerusalem podcast continues to grow. More and more listeners from around the world are downloading the podcast and joining the discussion to send missionaries into the most unreached nations. Between the months of March and June, we had an average of 9.5k downloads per month from over 85 different nations. We are not certain how many people

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India’s Most Dense Slum Should’ve been Destroyed by COVID-19. It Wasn’t. Why? Don’t Be Mad at the Reason

Earlier this month, Asia’s largest and densest populated slum shocked the world by announcing just one new positive COVID-19 case. How that is possible is challenging what we think we know about the coronavirus – and making some of us angry. BTJ has been working in India for almost two decades and has provided aid to many of the poorest

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China’s Nat’l Religious Committee Met About The Future of Christianity in China – This is What They Said

On July 27, the Ethnic and Religious Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference held a forum to discuss the future of Christianity in China. Christians from all around China were watching for news from the meeting with the hopes that there would be some sign of easing restrictions on the church. The official reports

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A B-I-G Thanks from BTJ for Making July 2020 Our Most Productive July in Unreached Nations EVER.

July 2020 has been an unusual month for Back to Jerusalem. Even though the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the ability of missionaries to travel, this might be the busiest July we have ever had. Usually, summer time is slower when it comes to ministry activities. Many Chinese factories have fewer orders as their western customers take time off. By

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On Monday – BTJ Launches 30 Days of Prayer for North Korea, NEXT DAY – North Korea Asks BTJ for Help

The day after BTJ launched 30 days of prayer for North Korea on the social media platform DingDash, something amazing happened – the North Korean government reached out to BTJ for help. North Korea has been suffering from extreme food shortages due to COVID-19 lock downs, closed borders with China, and enforced international sanctions. We are seeing people suffer and

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Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Coronavirus Press Conference

Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have repeatedly removed the top performing video posted yesterday. The video was of an event hosted in Washington D.C. by congressman Ralph Norman (R-SC) and a host of doctors with an organization called America’s Frontline Doctors. Several doctors openly shared their views and professional opinions on the coronavirus and a medical response to the pandemic.

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