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The “Chinafication” of the USA

How is the “Chinafication” of the United States occurring, and how does it affect your daily life? It’s not just the “Chinafication” of the US that is occurring; it is happening all over the world. Eugene joins Rabbi Myles Weiss live from somewhere within the borders of Sweden, having recently come from China, to discuss how the past will shape

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Does the Tribulation Start in 2023?

According to Eugene, it is most likely that the biggest method of persecution that will be used against the Church will not be physical persecution, such as in North Korea or Syria, but rather the weaponization and control of banking. Our guest on the podcast today, Brother John, wrote us a letter about what he believed could be the start

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How 1 MILLION Bibles Were Smuggled into China in Just One Night

On the evening of June 18th, 1981, the barge Gabriella arrived on China’s shore carrying 1 million Bibles. Despite Mao’s destruction of thousands of Bibles during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, the Chinese church experienced an expansion in numbers. A Chinese Christian woman, known as Mama Kwang, initiated Project Pearl due to her husband’s imprisonment for their

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