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There is a revival happening in Iran! This is why there is a great desire for more Bibles to be available. BTJ was able to partner with our contacts in Iran and deliver spiritual nourishment to those who are spiritually hungry. This was a very exciting opportunity for us, and we seized it. BTJ has always been about producing Bibles,

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North Korean Astronaut Lands On the Sun

Listen to what some are calling the “greatest human achievement of our time”. Although this podcast episode was recorded a few years ago, North Korea’s achievement has yet to be repeated by any other nation. While in the US, Eugene stumbled across a news article from North Korea. It highlighted how an amazing 17-year-old North Korean astronaut, Hung Il Gong,

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MIRACLES BEHIND THE VEIL: How Women in Closed Muslim Nations Are Finding Christ

The gospel disrupts societal norms of injustice; it disregards these norms and benefits those who are looked down upon and oppressed. Miracles Behind The Veil is a special series of stories directly from the front lines of Muslim nations. In this latest episode, Banu joins Eugene to share another story of how Muslim converts are facing persecution in India. Many

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