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Missionary to Myanmar Thrown into a Chinese Prison for 7 Years

The unjust imprisonment of John Sanqiang Cao for his religious beliefs and missionary work to the people of Myanmar is a sobering reminder of the ongoing struggle for freedom of faith. Despite enduring seven years of inhumane treatment at the hands of the Chinese government, his unwavering spirit and deep-rooted convictions sustained him through this harrowing ordeal. The solace he

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Hear from One of the BTJ HACKERS

“Well, it all started with the book ‘Heavenly Man’…” On this captivating episode, you’ll be drawn into a riveting conversation between Eugene and Barry, one of the remarkable attendees of our last BTJ Hackers’ Conference in early February, as he talks about why he decided to travel alone from a faraway place. We have hackers from everywhere, including high school

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John G. Lake: the man said to have seen a million souls saved and 625 churches established in South Africa

Guess who’s back on the podcast? It’s Pastor Chris from Indiana, fresh from his time in Cambodia visiting temples. There, he observed many striving to appease their gods with sacrifices, disregarding God’s sacrifice for them. He’s here to discuss his compelling new book, “The God Men: From the Writings and Messages of John G. Lake.” John G. Lake, a man

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Update on the Church in Iran and Afghanistan

In this episode, Eugene welcomes Naghmeh Panahi from Iran. She shares her journey through challenging times and how these experiences have shaped her life. It’s through adversity that we often gain the most valuable lessons, and Naghmeh is a testament to the power of resilience in overcoming obstacles. Our trials shape our character, which is further refined through suffering. The

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