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African History in the Bible?

Bishop Williams joins Eugene on the podcast to discuss the history of Christianity in relation to Africa – a topic that the Church has limited knowledge about. Are you aware of the struggles faced by the disciples of Jesus in Africa? It is worth noting that notable Christian scholars, such as Polycarp, Saint Augustine, and Tertullian, emerged from Africa. While

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Robert Morrison: Bury Me in China

“Missionaries produced at Gosport were not timid, academic Christians—they were gladiators knowingly, entering the ring of the beasts. They didn’t run from death; they waited in line for their turn.” While working on our project, “Chasing Legacy,” we were inspired by uncovering old and obscure notes, letters, and writings from missionaries. These discoveries led us to write about Robert Morrison.

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ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Christians Just Lost Their Homeland

Joel Veldkamp from Christian Solidarity International joins Eugene on the podcast to discuss the troubling events unfolding in Azerbaijan and the ongoing persecution of Armenian Christians. Christian Solidarity International is a group that advocates for the Armenian Christians who are being persecuted. Not long ago, Nagorno-Karabakh, a tumultuous and hilly area, had about 120,000 ethnic Armenians who were the majority

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