Christian Event De-Platformed by LGBTQ

A family ministry was attacked for their Christian values when well-known IT platform, Eventbrite, canceled their service. Eventbrite is a widely used event management and ticketing platform that canceled the event services of the Palmetto Family Council (PFC), a South Carolina nonprofit Christian policy organization. Episode 705: Deplatformed By LGBTQ According to a recent podcast with Justin Hall, the

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YWAM Founder, Loren Cunningham, Dies

Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), passed away last week, October 6th 2023, after a bout with cancer. Loren was 88. Like the Chinese missionaries, Loren had a life-long dream of completing the Great Commission. According to YWAM’s official website, “Loren was the first person in history to travel for the sake of Christ and the Great

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URGENT NEED in Afghanistan

If you get falsely accused of doing something against the leaders in Afghanistan and only get killed, that is a good day. This podcast is urgent and needs to be shared with our supporters. You may not be aware of the recent devastating earthquakes that have struck parts of Afghanistan. In the last few days, multiple earthquakes with magnitudes ranging

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Praise God! Missionaries Experience Spiritual Breakthrough in Tibet

Several years ago, Back to Jerusalem missionaries responded to a deadly natural disaster in Tibet where hundreds of people were killed. Thousands lost everything they owned and were left homeless. BTJ missionaries rushed in with aid such as food, water, tents, and other emergency supplies. Fast-forward to today and those missionaries are still there preaching the Gospel. “So many families

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The Cry of the Pioneer Missionaries: “send another to take my place.”

When we think of the great mission pioneers, we often remember them for their decades of faithful service, building churches, translating scripture, and leaving a legacy that lasts. But not all missionaries get there. Some only serve very briefly and leave little more than a gravestone. The Tibetans in the early 20th century were a collection of mostly unreached tribes,

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A Rabbi’s Perspective – Israel at War

“We are at war,” declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a televised address. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared war after Hamas launched a deadly surprise attack on Israel during “Shmini Atzeret,” a day of rejoicing that follows the joyous feast of Sukkot. Rabbi Myles Weiss, amidst tears, rage, and confidence in the promises of God’s word, joins Eugene to discuss

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“THE WRATH OF GOD”: Second Deadly Earthquake Hits Afghanistan With 2,000+ Dead (Most Victims Women and Children)

“This place has seen the wrath of God,” Abdi Mohammadi, 45, told the New York Times as he helped to bury bodies killed by the latest earthquake in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has suffered two deadly earthquakes in the last week that has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people. BTJ partners have been sending in videos and photos from the

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