VIDEO: China Launches Rockets to Control the Weather

China continues its attempts to control the weather inside its country. Even though massive irregularities have occurred in China in the last two years, the Chinese government continues to make attempts to get nature to submit to their desires. In a video recently released, government officials from the Wugang Meteorological Bureau of Hunan permitted several rockets to be fired into the

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This is the 100 Year Anniversary for the Chinese Communist Part AND for BTJ – Which One Has Been Better For China?

The BTJ vision started with a group in Shandong Province known as the Jesus Family, which started from a Bible school that was launched in 1921. The very same year, the Communist Party in China started from a secret meeting in Shanghai. One of these meetings resulted in the largest missionary movement in history and the other led to the

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Can Bible Smugglers Learn From Moonshine Boot-Leggers? The Case of the Curious Cow-Shoe

During a time when Bibles are prohibited in North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan, Christians are forced to look for ways to illegal ways to smuggle the Word of God into closed nations. When Christians smuggle Bibles into countries where it is illegal, Christians become a part of a criminal enterprise and the question naturally arises – are there things that

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