Hear Updates from China, 10/40 Window Outreach and the Hologram Bible at BTJ Meetings in Virginia

Come and join BTJ for a special missions weekend in Smithfield, Virginia, on Sunday April 25th. I will be sharing about the amazing development of missions in closed countries and what can be learned from the underground house church in China during these days of increased persecution. BTJ books and materials will be available for donation. We will also have

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New French Law Targets Christian Missions and Likely to Prompt Other Nations to do the Same

Last Monday night, the French Senate passed a new bill meant to fight Islamic extremism, but it will have a profound impact on Christians and is a matter of great concern for mission organizations. The bill, known as the Law to Uphold Republican Principles and the Fight Against Separatism, passed the French senate by a 208–109 vote, with 27 abstentions.

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North Korea’s Food Crisis

North Korea’s most trusted troops from the Storm Corps and Seventh Corps have been deployed to the northern border to secure the region during the coronavirus blockade, but a nationwide famine is causing fears that hungry troops might raid homes looking for food. According to a report by Daily NK, “The soldiers from the Storm Corps and the Seventh Corps

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A Deadly Cocktail in Northern Nigeria

Are Christians really persecuted in Nigeria? If you have followed our recent reporting about the situation in Nigeria, this may seem a strange question. But authorities in Nigeria itself do not readily agree there is a problem with religious persecution. Open Doors recently called Nigeria a persecution hotspot. Deaths due to Islamic terrorism were up 60% last year and nearly

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