China Rewrites the Bible – Will the Communist Party Allow the Prodigal Son His Party?

We have previously reported on China’s efforts to produce a Bible that is more acceptable to the communist party. It is said that the new Bible will incorporate Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings, along with communist ideology. The purpose is “cultivating and implementing the socialist core values” of Chinese society into the scriptures. It is easier than you might think

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LATEST UPDATE from Inside Afghanistan

This month, according to the Muslim calendar, is Ramadan. Ramadan fasting is an Islamic tradition practiced by Muslims from all around the world. This period of fasting is when Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinks from dawn until dusk for the entire month. The price of food is very high in Afghanistan so many people there are struggling to

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Millions in Shanghai Wake Up to Find Their Homes Surrounded by Government Fences

Millions of residents in Shanghai, China, woke up to find that their homes surrounded by large metal fences, put up in the middle of the night by government officials, to keep people from going outside. Shanghai is in strict lockdown right now, turning the 25 million-strong city into the world’s largest prison. “We thought that the lockdown was only going

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Christian Beaten, Arrested, After Refusing to Stop Preaching During Police Raid

Dong Zhao, a Chinese Christian, was beaten repeatedly by the police for preaching the Gospel in China, according to FTV News. Dong Zhao was arrested while at a Bible Study meeting in Henan Province, when police rushed in and seized all the believers. Their Bibles were immediately confiscated and used as evidence of their illegal activities. Dong Zhao was told

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In the last decade, BTJ has distributed hundreds of thousands of Bibles in Iran, in both digital and printed format, but there are some more remote areas that have yet to get access to the Bible. This week, we experienced an amazing breakthrough when BTJ was able to deliver Bibles in an Iranian village that does not have access to

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Letter from the Office

BTJ Office in Poland: This is War (and I’ve accepted it) How did it happen that BTJ is actively involved in the support of war refugees fleeing Ukraine? What is our role and core activities? How did it even happen that BTJ has an office in Poland?! I don’t think it will surprise anyone that it all started through Brother

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New Children’s Book

Too Good to Be True by Amy Parker When I first started working with Eugene Bach to help write children’s books for Back to Jerusalem, it all seemed too good to be true. He already had the series overview, there were no crazy deadlines, and they immediately accepted my proposed fee. They were kind, encouraging, easy to work with, and

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