What Happens When You Swallow The BTJ Pill-Sized Hologram Bible?

For several years, BTJ has been using the pill-sized hologram Bible to get the Gospel message into some of the most unreached areas of the world. The unique pill-sized hologram Bible illuminates the air in front of your face and allows you to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Due to the unique micro-design, the pill-sized hologram Bible can be smuggled into some of the most remote areas of the world, allowing persecuted Christians in prisons and gulags to have access to God’s Word.

Since the creation of the hologram Bible there has been a burning question that almost every person has asked – “If you swallow the pill-sized hologram Bible, will it come out… ummm… the other end days later and still work?”

The answer to that question can now be confirmed.


An update was sent to BTJ this week stating, “after withstanding tests in different acids, the pill-bible finally had its first full digestive track test and it emerged unscathed. We hope that it is never necessary to use it this way, because well obviously, but all the chemical trials have resulted in a product that can be safely ingested if absolutely necessary.”

Unfortunately, the need for the pill-sized hologram Bible is absolutely necessary because the Bible is still illegal in 52 nations. Creating new ways to smuggle the Gospel into these closed countries is why we host the BTJ Hackers Conference every year and we want to invite you to join us.

We are inviting hackers, programmers, code writers, AI specialists, cyber security experts, communication engineers, and even gamers, to join together with other believers from around the world to create the most amazing tools, like the BTJ hologram Bible, to get the Gospel message into the hands of those living in closed nations.

At the BTJ Hackers Conference, attendees will get hands-on access to the Gospel Cloud, clandestine audio Bibles, special hidden communication applications, as well as the pill-sized hologram Bible. Work with special teams on new exciting programs with specialists who have attended in the past from military intelligence, CIA, NSA, Facebook, Google, and many other organizations.

This event is a short two-day event that will be held at the end of January in Tennessee, USA.

The cost to attend this meeting is $0. All housing and food will be provided. Attendees only need to:

1. Provide their own transportation to and from the meeting
2. Submit a security form for a background check

Our staff will be hosting this meeting and will be spending time introducing our never-before-seen electronic units and presenting challenges facing Christians today. There will then be brainstorming and strategy sessions on how to enhance current products, invent new products, and how to bypass current network restrictions in closed nations.

If you feel called to use your skills to complete the Great Commission, then we would love for you to join us. To request more information, you can send an email to us at: fieldoperator@backtojerusalem.com.

Space is extremely limited, and the registration deadline is November 15, 2022.


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