Too Far? Teacher Eats Students’ Lunch to Teach Lesson on Food Waste

A teacher in China ate her students’ lunch infront of them, to teach them a valuable lesson about food waste.

Last month, China officially launched a campaign against wasting food. Concerns were growing about the disruptions to the agriculture supply chains, as a result of the global pandemic and from constant plagues that have been ravaging the nation.

China’s President Xi Jinping made it clear that Chinese citizens are not to waste food.

If people waste food, or do not eat everything on their plate, they can now be shamed in restaurants, on social media and now – even in school.

This follows an interesting trend in China where restaurants have even asked their customers to step on a scale and weigh themselves before ordering food. This is to ensure they order the ‘proper’ amount of food for their weight, so customers do not over-eat.

The primary school teacher decided to take things one step further and show her students how one person – or several people – can be fed with the food that they waste on a daily basis.

The video can be seen below. Even though the video is not in English, the focus of the video can still be easily understood.

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