THIS WEEK! Eugene Bach Crashing Mid-Week Bible Study to Share about CHASING REVIVAL

There is a special church in Indiana that has been systematically going through the BTJ Chasing Revival Bible Study series in a way that no other church has – and it has taken over a year!

The Lighthouse Church in Hartford City, Indiana, started the Chasing Revival Bible study and began learning how the Gospel message traveled around the world from Jerusalem to Europe, Africa, America and around Asia.

BTJ is planning to visit Lighthouse Church in person in Hartford City Indiana on Wednesday December 16, at 6 PM, to share about the Chasing Revival Bible study series.

“As we dove into the material, we just found that it was a lot to take in,” said Pastor Troy Kaufman, “so we decided to take a unique approach.” Instead of doing one daily devotional every day, the members of Lighthouse Church decided to tackle one day PER WEEK. This allowed the members of the church to really study the history of the church in a unique manner and try to fully understand how the Lord worked in each nation as the Gospel spread around the world.

Chasing Revival is the only Bible study series that has ever been compiled to show how the Gospel spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the world. Chasing Revival also highlights the nations where the Gospel has not yet gone – this is the final frontier of missions.

The Chasing Revival Bible Study series has three parts – a daily devotional, a workbook, and a 9-part video series and can be purchased by clicking here.

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