Things are about to take a HUGE turn in Iran

Things are getting bad with Iran right now. As a Christian here are the things that you NEED to know.

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The US just said today that they will sanction the most visible person of the Iranian regime – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad. His travel and his bank accounts will suffer from this new audacious sanction.

The Iranian Rial has also taken a nose dive, so much so that they will remove three zeros from the end of their currency. So 100,000 Rials will now be 100 Toman.

Before Trump took office, the Rial was trading at about 37,000 to 1 USD, but now 1 USD is inching closer to 200,000.

This has been the impact of Trump’s scrapping of the Iranian nuclear agreement that was implemented in July 2015.

Though Iran is a major threat to Israel, the nuclear agreement did not include Israel in the discussion and there were four reasons why the final agreement was not good for the safety and security of Israel: was not a good agreement for four reasons:

  1. The Iran deal did NOT call for the dismantling of ANY of the nuclear production infrastructure. Iran was able to keep all of their recipe books, pots, pans, dough, oven, timer – just can’t make the pizza. The dismantling of the Arak heavy-water facility being the notable exception)
  2. Iran nuclear inspections had to be announced and approved by Iran. No surprise inspections were in the agreement and this allowed the Iranians to prep suspected sights.
  3. The agreement expired after 10 years. This was just enough time to allow Iran to build up their economy to become a nuclear power. After 10 years, flush with cash, Iran could build a nuclear arsenal in a matter of weeks.
  4. America basically gave Iran $150 billion – Iran’s economy is about 300-400 billion – so half of their GDP in one day. Almost $2 billion of it was flown in on planes and loaded with cranes.

DO you think Iran used the extra money to build hospitals, science research facilities, peace campaigns, runway fashion shows in Milan? No – the money went straight to the military to be employed in their strategy against Israel.

So the treaty was not good.

It is thought that Trump has believed that the reintroduction of sanctions will bring Iran back to the table, but the new sanctions are not working as maybe they were thought and that should prompt Christians all over the world to pray.

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Sanctions on Iran makes Iran choose between bombs or bread. Unfortunately Iran often chooses bombs – but those without bread are not happy.

Iran has invested into two simultaneous strategies:

  1. Develop Nuclear capabilities
  2. Engage proxies that can fight independently for Iran’s interests against Iran’s enemies

The proxies that Iran is supporting are:

  1. Hezbollah
  2. Hamas
  3. Syrian militia
  4. Houthi (in Yemen)

Iran financially supports these rebels as well as provides training and logistical support.

After the Iran Nuclear deal – Iran’s proxy fighters jumped from 100k in 2011 – thought to be less in 2015 – to about 200k – doubling in 2018 according to NBC news.

After the Iran nuclear agreement was scrapped, it was hoped that Iran would need money and might end it’s proxy war and come to the trable.

That has not happened.

What has happened points to a very dangerous situation that all Christians need to be aware of. To learn more, click here:

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