Dove lands again in India

Our Dove Sunday school teachers training program is still growing, and languages are being added every year. This summer a team of Chinese and Europeans were invited to India to train Sunday school teachers, together with our Indian partners. With its huge population of children, and many devoted followers of Jesus, India is a great place to use the Dove materials. In both locations where we visited, there was tremendous openness and enthusiasm, despite the heat and practical challenges, such as water shortages. We were able to train many more teachers than originally planned. Several hundreds of teachers were encouraged and resourced to disciple the children in their communities.

Meetings were translated into different languages. We used our Telugu language Dove materials. There was also strong interest from the Tamil speaking community. A translator has been found who will start to translate the material into Tamil also.

We want to thank those who prayed, as there were significant health and logistic issues, but God gave the grace to overcome them all. Please continue to pray for the teachers to be filled with the Spirit of God, as they disciple the next generation of believers and prepare a next generation of missionaries. May God continue to use the Dove program as a tool to build his kingdom.

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