The world map looks different, every nation now has a story

We asked Banu, one of our regular contributors, to give a written response to the Chasing Revival road trip Bible Study. Her contribution below is a testimony to the strength of retelling the stories of the Holy Spirit’s work.


‘I am not the same person that I was when I started this study. The stories made me step back and reflect on my Christianity. I was amazed at how disillusioned I was, and how far I had strayed from the day I was saved. I had never before done a study book where I found myself sobbing and talking to God constantly.

This book gave me a great insight in the legacy that was left to us by our Christian ancestors, and the baton they handed us. Much of this history has been forgotten, and few still talk about the miracles of the past, the martyrs and the great moves of God.

I am so glad the author went to every nook and corner of the world to uncover these stories and show them to us. While I was reading, it was like a movie was playing in front of my eyes.

I realised how limited my vision had been throughout my Christian journey. It was a shock to be presented with a much fuller picture of the body of Christ, past and present. I can see now how important it is to embrace the entire body of Christ, so we can function properly.

I am so glad the Lord put the right book into my hands. As I was reading it, I looked at my closed Bible, and all I could think about was the millions who shed their blood, so that I could hold this Bible in my hands.

After going through this study even the world map looks so different to me. Now every nation has a story to tell about our Saviour. Honestly, my heart was burning as I was reading it.

I was raised as Muslim and grew up in an Eastern culture. In spite of this experience, when I moved to the West I totally gave up on things like street evangelism and tract distribution. I believed these things would not work here. Maybe it was even because I somehow felt engaging in the Great Commission was an embarrassing thing in a civilized society.

This book restored my perspective. I feel more awake now, like the passion to evangelise has been ignited again in me.

Recently I met with my friend’s children who are all adults now. They were raised as Christians, and still call themselves as such. I was shocked however to find they had no concept of the power of God and no idea about the Holy Spirit. It broke my heart. I wish they could have been reading books like this one.

That is why I decided to let my children read this book and to discuss it as a family.’


Contributing Author: Banu

Banu is an Asian-American wife and mother, and follower of Jesus from a Muslim background


Read and watch for yourself! The Chasing Revival Road Trip Bible Study is available here.



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