The Disturbing New Vending Machines in China

Beijing’s newest vending machines have an odd product for sale – live animals!

A new video from China shows a vending machine selling cats. Dogs are said to be sold through the same kind of system. The video shows the animals in small confined spaces where they are kept for long periods of time, until they are purchased.

Previous machines in China held the animals until they were either bought or died.


This is not the first time China has been seen selling animals in vending machines. The first ones appeared in 2020 in Shanghai where cats, dogs, and chinchillas were given out as prizes and puppies could be selected from a machine like plush toys.

During a tour in Europe one year, Brother Yun, also known as the Heavenly Man was asked about his feelings regarding the lack of animal rights in China. Brother Yun’s response was, “China needs Jesus! When revival breaks out, people are more Christlike. Christ loves all the animals because He created them. The more we are like him, the more love we show for everything He created. If you want to see animals treated better in China, bring more Jesus to China.”

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