Bloody Knife Attack on Foreign Professors in China May Point to Larger Underlying Problem

A recent stabbing in China of four foreign professors this week is perhaps a sign that things are changing.

Violence against foreigners in China is extremely rare. That is why the news of four American teachers being brutally stabbed in broad daylight this week is so shocking.

Earlier this week, educators – affiliated with Iowa’s Cornell College, a small liberal arts college about two hours east of Des Moines – were in China as part of a partnership with Beihua University in Jilin Province, when they were brutally attacked by an older man while walking through a public park.

The Chinese government rushed to shut down information about the attack from getting out, but early details indicate that a Chinese man surnamed Cui, 55, “collided” with one of the American nationals while walking in Beishan Park. He then pulled out a knife and stabbed the American and the three others with him, as well as anyone who attempted to stop him.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post posted the following video on YouTube:


As the anti-Christian rhetoric increases in China, so too is the anti-foreign sentiment. In the last four years, China has become dangerously isolated. Foreign companies have fled in a mass exodus from China, the number of foreign tourists have dramatically dropped, and even students have gone from 15,000 just a few years ago to less than 350 today!

As the China economy tanks, companies flee, and the unemployment rate soars, anti-foreign sentiment is expected to continue rising which unfortunately all align as byproducts of China’s increase of Christian persecution.

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