The Chinese Government Just Hired New Agents to Spy On Christians – Food Delivery Drivers

The Chinese government just found a new way to spy on Christians using delivery drivers.

The use of delivery apps like Uber Eats and Food Panda have exploded since Covid-19. In China they have their own delivery apps with an army of 12 million food delivery drivers. Those drivers are now being called to serve their country as spies, acting as the government’s eye and ears.

China is hiring dedicated drivers to serve as “social supervisors” to look for and report on any activity that they see in the homes of people they delivering to. On June 11, a directive was issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation in Beijing stating, “We will hire a group of online delivery personnel with a strong sense of responsibility to serve as part-time social supervisors and encourage them to take part in grassroots governance through snapshots and snap reports, and promptly upload details of any safety issues or hidden dangers.”

Delivery drivers are everywhere and see things that most people never get a chance to see. They are also the first part of a new plan that China is implementing to create a GRID SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

The GRID SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a sweeping new nationwide neighborhood surveillance operation being rolled out by the Communist Party which treats society like a computer network.

The Grid Social Management System is so named because it carves up neighborhoods into a grid with 15-20 households per square, and gives each grid a dedicated monitor who reports back on residents’ affairs to neighborhood committees. Delivery workers are monitors within the system, detecting and snooping on what people are doing in their private lives, commissioned as detectives for the government.

China’s government-controlled cameras and AI system monitor everyday activities of its citizens unlike any other system in the world. The grid-style social management process consists of subdividing China’s mega-cities into smaller, more manageable zones. China’s computing centre devides the nations into 25.38 square kilometers grids. Each of those grids are broken down to 1,652 single geographical grid cells of 100 square meters. Each cell is assigned a 14 digit code. Each zone has a reporter that collects all the intel and activities in their grid cell and compiles a report with the code of that zone and sends it to the local government.

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