Tell me a story I don’t know!

Children happily munch away on sweet Sunday school stories for the first few years of their lives. Woolly lambs, colourful giraffes in a boat, a little man climbing in a tree and a shiny angel on the rolled away stone. But then, as I have seen in my own children, a time comes when that does no longer satisfy. And a bored teenager will demand a story he has not heard at least ten times. I found pointing them to some particularly gruesome chapters in the book of Judges usually deals with that quite effectively, and it opens some interesting conversations too. Spiritual growth happens when children step beyond that which they have been soaked in for years.

This is the same for adults. If we find ourselves reluctant to attend yet another Bible study where some good old truths will be repeated, or a familiar theological argument will be dug up once again, it may be time to search for a story we don’t know. Not because the old truths are not extremely important, but because we need a different viewpoint from which to see them, in order to appreciate them anew.

This is what I think is great about the Chasing Revival project. Good old truths, about Gods love for sinners, the way the Spirit works, the role of the church in the world, suffering and victory, they are presented through the lens of two thousand years of revival history. If that sounds boring, you are in for a surprise. There will be lots of stories you did not know, shocking realisations and applications of God’s truth that you never considered before. This ‘Road Trip Bible Study’ will want to make you grab your phone to Google stuff that is almost to weird to believe, or check your Bible to see if what you are reading about is really there.

Through the study guide you will be presented with questions that can turn any pleasantly predictable Bible Study into a fiery discussion on things that really matter. That may be a bit of an adjustment, but growth happens when we leave familiar ground. So why not tag along as we follow in the steps of the Spirit, and travel around the world and through the centuries.

As you read, watch and engage, you may find that just chasing revival is not enough. You may feel you want to jump right in and instead of only studying revival you may end up being swallowed by it. You have been warned.

Contributing Author:  Kajsa

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