Remember the Persecuted Christians this Christmas

Don’t want to be a Debby-downer this Christmas?  I understand.  No one really wants to bring everyone down during Christmas talking about hungry children, orphans, or war refugees.  The LAST thing you want to bring up at a joyful Christmas party is Christian persecution.  Ugghhhh.

Yuck!  Some people just want to watch football and enjoy their sugar cream pie (assuming you eat sugar cream pie during Christmas).

But here is the TRUTH –  the very first Christmas is actually about persecution.  Remove the reindeer, the overweight Santa breaking into houses and stealing cookies, and trees that are cut down and brought inside – then all you are left with is… the AMAZING story of a Saviour that came to earth to save mankind.


Join the Chinese underground house church members by listening to our BTJ Christmas podcast and explore what the season means to them.  Listen to stories of Brother Yun, also known as the Heavenly Man, as he shares what happened when he was imprisoned during his first Christmas.

Find out what the persecuted Christians do during this special time of the year.

And then, listen to songs that the Chinese Christians sing during Christmas.  These are songs that are recorded underground and you will not find them anywhere else.

9 DAY BTJ Christmas countdown on the BTJ podcast.  You can listen here:

Episode 172: Day 1 – BTJ Christmas Countdown