New Christian Business Launched by Widows in Iran

BTJ has just launched a new business in Iran for widowed women. The business is a special program aimed at giving widowed women a chance to earn a living and engage in ministry.

“You can see from the photos they are just starting and are hoping to expand [in the local] market,” Naghmeh Panahi reported. Naghmeh is working together with the widows in Iran to help establish a sustainable system for persecuted women. Christian businesses like the one that she has helped to start provides support, stability, and gives a sense of purpose.

Business as Mission has emerged as one of the most significant ministry platforms for Christians in Iran.

“Business is a great way for me to get a visa to Iran,” reported one Chinese missionary working in Iran this week. “Without a business visa I could not live in Iran.” The Chinese missionary in Iran cannot be named for security reasons, but there are many missionaries from China who are currently serving in Iran running ministry-based businesses like the one just launched for widows this week.

To learn more about the work that Naghmeh Panahi is doing with women in Iran, click here:

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