Afghan Orphans Draw Pictures to Share Their Grief

BTJ is working with an underground network of orphaned children in Afghanistan. Since the takeover of the Taliban, there have been many children abandoned and left homeless. The Taliban executed many Afghanis who they considered a threat once they took over, leaving thousands of children without parents.

In response to the tragic situation in Afghanistan, Christian missionaries have started an UNDERGROUND ORPHAN NETWORK. Through a wide network of underground Christian believers in Afghanistan, BTJ is able to provide homes, shelter, and love for children located throughout the country. Every month, BTJ sends funds to help these families buy food, clothing, and pay for the schooling of orphaned children who have nowhere else to go.

Through the network, the children are also taught about the salvation of Jesus Christ, which is in direct contrast to the teachings of Islam taught by the Taliban.

Children are the most vulnerable victims of the Taliban regime. According to the Oxford Academic International Health Report, half of all Afghan children under the age of 5 years old are living with acute malnutrition, and at least 1 million children are expected to die of starvation.

Four years ago, there were 68 public orphanages in Afghanistan, but today, only half a dozen are left and they are barely surviving, as many foreign aid organizations have fled and taken their funding with them.

“Afghan donors, foreign donors, embassies – when I call them or email them, no one is answering,” reports Ahmad Khali Mayan, program director at an orphanage in Kabul. Mayan, 40, told Reuters news agency at the sprawling Shamsa Children’s Village in the north of the capital that no one answering his call for help.

Through a network of underground house church believers, BTJ is able to help many of these children to survive.

IN THE PHOTO ABOVE is one of the orphans we support. His name is Ali. Ali’s father, a former soldier, was murdered by the Taliban. In the absence of his father, Ali’s mother also fell very ill and Ali has been tasked with caring for his mother, who now requires assistance for basic tasks. Ali asks for prayers for the Lord to protect his mother from being harmed by the Taliban.

ABOVE is Nadya and she lived in a home with a household where she is constantly being beaten by her father and step-mother. She dreams that one day she can help children who have similar situation as her to be set free.

Through the work in Afghanistan, there were 3 new families that were saved in the month of April and added to the fellowship. The reports that we have received are several pages long full of pictures and stories that too detailed for us to share.

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