Muslim Questions His Faith During Podcast Interview

Eugene’s guest, this episode, is an individual who has asked to remain anonymous (M).

M says that he had to attend church until he was 13 years old and made some comments about what Eugene had said in a news article.  The news article was about a group building a one-world-religion headquarters, known as the Abrahamic Family House, on an island in Abu Dhabi.

M makes a declaration in the comment section of the blog, stating that Allah and the Christian god are not the same. Eugene agrees with M, but further discussion allows for deeper insights into the recesses of islamic thoughts.

Eugene allows for his audience to realize that discussion will bring about understanding.  That understanding will allow us to be able to relate our beliefs to others. As believers, we need to find the Imago Dei (image of God) in all people so that we can give them the glorious truth about Jesus’ love.

Come listen to the discussion Eugene and M have about Truth. Afterwards, you may find yourself wrestling with your own unexpected bias.  May this interview lead you to your prayer closet, crying out for the salvation of souls.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Episode 616: Muslim Questions His Conversion From Christianity During Interview

I am a Messianic Jewish believer that felt the tug of the L-rd towards the unreached. I decided I would go to China. My love for the Chinese people grew while I was there, but when I learned of the Back to Jerusalem movement, I knew the L-rd wanted me to be proclaiming His gospel message to the unreached people between China and Jerusalem. Let’s unite and complete the great commission. We need to accept the challenge Jesus has given us so that we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

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  1. suika game

    Exploring and questioning one’s faith is a deeply personal and complex journey that many individuals undergo at different points in their lives. Podcast interviews often provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences, doubts, and reflections openly.


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