What is Christmas Really Like in China?

Travel with us for a moment into a land that doesn’t allow for the celebration of Christmas.

Picture your house not having a Christmas tree. If you have children, they are without stockings hanging by the fire place.  There is no Christmas music prompting images of one-horse open sleighs, no special ham, no shopping mall Santa Clauses, and no holiday greetings from you neighbors. Would your Christmas cheer and joy remain?

Come and explore the reason for the season of Christmas from the eyes of the Chinese underground house church. Read stories from Chinese believers who spent Christmas in prison, and yet rejoice in the goodness of God. Let the power of Jesus’ birth come alive in your life this Christmas season.  Come share in the unforgettable journey’s and experiences of the Chinese Christians.

When you support Back to Jerusalem with the purchase of the special Christmas Bundle, you will be listening to songs from the Chinese underground house church.  You can explore the pictures of the Middle Kingdom as few have ever seen it before. You will also receive a coffee table book full of photos and short stories reflecting Christmas in China. This bundle also comes with a CD of 9 genuine Chinese Christmas songs, a Fufu prayer bear, hand-made in Iraq, a table cloth Christmas skirt, and you can join us on a road trip adventure in the book Chasing Revival.

Come and be a part of adding to the Kingdom of God through supporting the outreach efforts of the Chinese church. Instead of fighting for material items on Black Friday, receive joy and encouragement.  When you explore the Chinese Christian appreciation for this festival season, your heart will find encouragement.


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