Love Letters Between North Korea and Palestine

Not much is reported on North Korea’s support of an independent Palestinian state or the Palestinian support for the regime in North Korea, but the latest letters between the two nation’s leaders reveal a lot.

North Korea and Palestine hold a special relationship on the world stage. At first glance, it seems like an odd friendship since one nation holds extremist Islamic views and the other extreme atheist views. However, they both share a common enemy – America.

Kim Jong Un received a special letter last week, congratulating North Korea on their 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of North Korea. On September 22, Kim Jong Un sent a letter in response that read, “I express my gratitude for the warm congratulations you have extended on the occasion of the 72nd founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I take this opportunity to reaffirm our people’s invariable support to and solidarity with the righteous cause of the Palestinian people.”

The content of the letter was published by North Korean media.

The two nations often exchange letters. Pyongyang has been a huge fan of Palestinian militant activities since the beginning. Yasser Arafat traveled to North Korea many times on shopping trips for the weapons he needed for terrorism. North Korea armed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, leading a US federal judge to find the Kim regime liable for the 1972 Lod Airport massacre in 2010.

North Korea has repeatedly been caught attempting to ship weapons to both Hamas and Hezbollah.

Kim Jong Un has written letters in the past supporting the Palestinian claim of Jerusalem as their capital.

For the 70th Communist Party anniversary in North Korea, President Abbas sent a special letter congratulating the Korean people for “the greatest sacrifices for the sake of its freedom and dignity.” He also expressed appreciation for North Korea’s solidarity in support of the Palestinian rights and its just struggle to end Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Sanctions are placed on both nations at the moment.

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  1. Karl Abraham

    Palestine welcomes support from any country in defence of Palestinian right to freedom and decent living. Israel on the other hand representing zionist jews has a well documented track record of stealing land and lives on innocent people, lying about obvious truth in ddnying Palestine ever existed snd , as a consequence, denying the right of Palestinians to live on their own land. Supporters of the illegal terrorist state of Israel including the US,Csnada and Australia, are hypocrites as they continue to dupport it despite theur war crimes, and continue to deny Palestinians they basic rights despite so many innocent people killed.

    1. Eugene Author

      You know what Karl? You are correct. The peaceful Palestinian charter calls for the complete and absolute annihilation of the Jewish people and perhaps the Jewish people could compromise a little and at least agree to half annihilation. The South Koreans, like the Jews, are just as bad! They stole the south, killed innocent lives, and are denying North Koreans to live on their own land in the south. The TRUE reason why North Korean and Palestinian misery index levels are so freakishly high is not because they are run by terrorists, but because they are oppressed by the democratic free societies of South Korea and Israel. Like you dear Karl, North Korea justly recognizes the war crimes experienced by the Palestinian people and they too call for the peaceful annihilation of an entire people group. After-all, anyone with any true understanding of the situation would immediately recognize that both North Korea and the Palestinian Authority have both done so much to make the lives of their own people so much better once they obtained power.

  2. Abdul Momen

    Thanks to Israel’s tactics, Palestine is isolated from international forums and unable to form relations with most countries. The author clearly has a pro-Israel bias and it’s self-evident he is a strong supporter of the apartheid state of Israel and their heinous actions against the Palestinians.


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