The Seven Things Christians Must Do to Complete Great Commission According to Rick Warren At Chinese Conference

At the virtual opening of the Chinese Mission Convention Global 2020 last Saturday, Pastor Rick Warren shared seven things that the church needs to do to complete the Great Commission.

The Chinese Mission Convention is an inter-church, inter-denominational mission convention, primarily made up of overseas Chinese.

Pastor Rick Warren said that we are closer to finishing the Great Commission than ever before, but using Psalm 68:11 and 1 Corinthians 16:24, he said there are still seven things that the church could do to complete it.

  1. Speed up Bible Translation

Pastor Rick pointed to the more than 30,000 different ethnic languages around the world that desperately need the Word of God in their own mother tongue as a primary way of completing the Great Commission. He had recently met with ten of the major transaction societies around the world challenging donors to contribute more towards Bible translations. In one event, 32 million dollars was raised.

  1. Use Saturation Evangelism

Saturation evangelism is the idea of using every available channel to reach every available person at any time. According to the parable of the sower, there are four kinds of hearts and at any given time, one fourth of those hearts are receptive to the Gospel message. It is our job as the church to spread seeds to those that are receptive when they are receptive. There are some hearts that are hard, but when storms of suffering hit – like natural disasters, pandemics, famines – God can create open hearts for reaching those in need.

  1. Plant More Churches

Rick also said that Christians must plant all kinds of churches for all kinds of people and there are three church models – the rabbit church, the tiger church, and the elephant church. Rabbit churches, like home churches are smaller and can reproduce quickly. Tiger churches are a little bigger and take more time to reproduce, but can offer people a community. Elephant churches are like mega churches and take much longer to reproduce, but can impact the community.

  1. Mobilize More Believers

Christians must be mobilized to connect with other churches and partner together for the Great Commission.

  1. Unite Around the Great Commandment

Christians need to be united around the Great Commandment of loving God and loving one another.

  1. Urge Every Believer to be an Ambassador of Christ

Every believer needs to know that they are not only a Christian saved by Christ – but they are an ambassador to share His Word with a lost generation.

  1. Pray for the Great Commission

Finally, Christians need to pray for those who have not yet heard the Good News.

BTJ has previously spoken at Saddleback church in California, pastored by Pastor Rick Warren. The message of completing the Great Commission is one that is strong for Saddleback, as well as the Chinese underground house church.

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