Christian Horror Movies? A Conversation With an Independant Christian Filmmaker

God wants to be chased.

Human fascination with true paranormal horror has led some to God, but one might think that these “evil” films can’t be used for this purpose.

Come listen to Matthew tell of how, while attending film school and working at CBN, God put it on his heart to make his own films. Matthew asserts that we hunger for the unseen realm, but the skeptics say there are no mysteries and everything can be explained. What we can’t see, we can’t explain, but what is seen is temporary and fleeting.


Eugene and Matthew talk about mankind’s fascination and obsession with the reality that is beyond what can be seen. We all know there is a spiritual reality that hasn’t been proven, but we know it exists.

How do believers react to this macabre fascination?

Listen to the podcast here:

Episode 619: Independent Christian Filmmaker Matthew Gonzales

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