The US Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration in a dispute over how far the government can go when dictating what social media allows and does not allow for users to share.  This case directly impacts Christians around the world.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court by several states, focusing on topics including COVID-19 and election security when it was revealed that the White House had put pressure on social media companies over what they should and should not allow for their users to post, share, or see.

The case argued that the White House, the surgeon general, the FBI and the U.S. cybersecurity agency were among those who applied “unrelenting pressure” to coerce changes in online content on social media platforms.

This ruling could have a serious impact on Christians in the future. The Louisiana Attorney General, Liz Murrill, one of the plaintiffs in the case, called the decision “unfortunate and disappointing.” The court majority, Murrill said in a statement, “gives a free pass to the federal government to threaten tech platforms into censorship and suppression of speech that is indisputably protected by the First Amendment. The majority waves off the worst government coercion scheme in history.”

Even though Christian teachings might not seem directly related to Covid-19 or United States election issues, Christian teachings are often attacked with anti-hate speech arguments, under the banner of public security and pressure is put on social media companies to remove or restrict such posts. Biblical teachings on marriage, homosexuality, sanctity of life, etc., are often labeled as hate speech and Christian users find themselves penalized as a result of certain posts.

Most recently, there has been a major push to remove any public square discourse that criticizes Islam. The United Nations has been pushing hard for free nations to alter their free speech laws to exclude anti-Islamic speech from the public forum – labeled as hate-speech. If this happens, it would impact social media too.

Shagufta Kauser, a Pakistani Christian and mother of four, was sentenced to death when she was falsely accused of sending a text message that disparaged the prophet Muhammad. She and her husband were beaten, tortured, and placed on death row for eight years.

Shagufta’s amazing story can be found in her new book UNDER THE THREAT OF DEATH

Under Threat of Death


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