Chinese Children Encouraged to Stomp Israeli and Japanese Flags

Disturbing video footage shows Chinese children being encouraged to stomp on the national flags of Israel and Japan.

The video shows two flags on the ground in front of a hotpot restaurant in China, where customers are encouraged to step on them as they enter in. Two children can be seen stomping on the two flags and jumping up and down.

There have been considerable long historical tensions in China with Japan, and the racism and animosity left over from the pain the Chinese have suffered are well documented, but putting an Israeli flag next to a Japanese flag really indicates the level of hate that is being drummed up against the Jewish nation.

China strongly supports an independent Palestinian State and has even used the subject to court Arab alliance for future trade.

In direct contrast, the underground house church are strong supporters of Israel. Tens of thousands of Chinese believers travel to Israel every year and pray for the nation.


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