HATE CRIME? Mother & Toddler Kicked Off Flight for Misgendering and How This Impacts Christians

A mom and her toddler was just kicked off a flight with United Airlines when she accidentally misgendered (used the ‘wrong’ pronouns) a flight attendant. The Airline workers accused her of a hate crime.

Jenna Longoria was traveling with her 16 month toddler, when, according to her account, she made a simple mistake with the flight attendant’s preferred pronouns. In a situation that escalated quickly, Jenna was singled out, humiliated, and kicked off the flight with no idea what she did wrong.

“They are now forbidding us from boarding the plane,” Jenna shared on her social media, while still at the airport. She claimed that one flight attendant denied her access simply because she accidentally used the wrong pronoun for another flight attendant. Jenna apologized for her slip-up, but her apology wasn’t enough. The flight attendant kicked her off for committing a ‘hate crime.’

The terms “hate crime” and “hate speech” are being used as weapons against Christians.  That is the story of Shagufta Kauser, a mother of four who was put on death row for blasphemy – the Islamic legal term for hate speech.



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