Here’s How the Chinese Gov’t Can Get Access to Your Passwords

In 2020, BTJ reported that TikTok was not a safe app to have on your phone because of the potential monitoring by the Chinese government. Several nations have banned TikTok, including India, Pakistan, and Indonesia because of the threat that the app poses to national security. TikTok has also been banned by government agencies in the US government for use on secure phones.

Now, it seems that the notorious app could be giving even more control to the Chinese Communist government. According to explosive report by security researcher Felix Krause, whenever users open a link in TikTok, the app monitors everything a user does, including anything typed, like passwords.

“This was an active choice the company made,” Krause told Forbes. “This is a non-trivial engineering task. This does not happen by mistake or randomly.”

A TikTok spokesperson has said that the code isn’t malicious but instead is used for :debugging, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring,” but the point is that the ability is there.

Several social media companies collect data on users and sensor what they can say. This is why BTJ has created DingDash is a free speech platform that NEVER collects data on users, sells user information, or prevents free speech.

You can open an account on DingDash for free by clicking here.

Dr. Eugene Bach is a known trouble-maker with an active imagination and sinful past. He has a PhD, but is not a real doctor, so please do not call for him during a medical emergency on an airplane when someone is having a heart attack. Eugene started working for Back to Jerusalem in the year 2000 after a backroom deal involving Chinese spies, the NRA, Swiss bankers, and a small group of Apostolic Christians that only baptize in Jesus’ name. He spends most of his time in closed countries attempting to topple governments by proclaiming the name of Jesus and not taking showers. From time-to-time he pretends to be a writer. He is not good at it, but everyone around him tries to humor him.

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  1. Mary Elllen Gilvey

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