Churches in China Seeing Massive Surge in Attendance after Lock-downs

Churches in China are seeing a massive surge in attendance after an ease on lock downs.

At an official church in Southern China’s Shenzhen, 45 new believers were baptized in Bu’ji Church. Each believer was given a Bible after their baptism. Pastor Chen Yong’an shared a special sermon titled, “Believe and Be Baptized” where the importance of baptism was emphasized for the new believers.

The church erupted in songs of praise by singing the traditional hymn, “Oh, Happy Day.”

This is just one church in Shenzhen, but it is happening all over China. “Our house is so packed,” said one house church believer, sharing concern about the number of believers meeting in their Shanghai apartment. After a loosening of the restrictions in Shanghai, believers flocked to the homes of other believers to be in fellowship.

Please keep the house church in prayer as many Chinese seek for the one true God.


2 thoughts on “Churches in China Seeing Massive Surge in Attendance after Lock-downs”

  1. Joseane Silva Lisboa

    Olá, meu nome é Joseane sou Brasileira da Cidade de Belo Horizonte do Estado de Minas Gerais e conheci o irmão Yun através do seu livro O homem do céu. Terminei de ler hoje e tenho compartilhado com várias pessoas um pouco deste forte testemunho e indicado está preciosa leitura. Tenho refletido muito sobre a igreja brasileira e nosso estado de profunda apatia e comodismo; estou orando para que o Senhor nos desperte é que nos possamos viver o verdadeiro reavivamento assim como nossos irmãos na China
    Abraços irmão Yun o senhor é um apóstolo Paulo da atualidade.

    Hello, my name is Joseane, I’m Brazilian from the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais and I met brother Yun through his book O Homem do Céu. I finished reading it today and I have shared with several people a little of this strong testimony and indicated this precious reading. I have reflected a lot on the Brazilian church and our state of deep apathy and complacency; I’m praying that the Lord awakens us is that we can live the true revival just like our brothers in China
    Hugs brother Yun you are an apostle Paul of today.

  2. Thank you Xi Jin Ping for allowing these Catholics and Christians to attend Mass during Covid Lock Down. So how about letting the Uyghur Muslims in the Re-Education Centers let go and released so they too can Worship God but in Mosques. The problem that people have with Muslims is that they are Islamic Phobic and think every Muslim in the World is a terrorist. They aren’t. I was just telling a friend who was calling some people bad like Archie Bunker did on All in the Family a famous TV Show everyone ran to sit down and watch every week on TV and Oh Boy he had a mouthful just about for everyone. Well I told my friend this that in every RACE we have GOOD PEOPLE and BAD and EVIL People not everyone in RACES are this Way and the same for Religions. All the bad evil people within each RACE and RELIGION are SINNERS and many are HIPPOCRITES because you can’t PRAY to GOD and attend Mass or Service or anything else then leave and go do evil, bad, criminal, perverted, corrupt things. Then you lie to GOD when you PRAY and sit in your HOUSES of WORSHIP.. God gave every man and women a Conscience to know Right from Wrong and Good vs. Evil and Bad, but it’s your choice to make to decide because there are only 2 paths to follow HEAVEN or HELL. It’s your choice. It’s easy to follow the Right path. Purgatory is in between. It’s a place to cleanse your SOUL and PURIFY and to SUFFER for things you’ve done on EARTH.

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