Have We Gotten the History of BTJ Wrong This Whole Time???

Eugene just made a surprising discovery.

While working on our new series ‘Chasing Legacy’ and following a recent visit to Vietnam, Eugene unearthed a story that challenged his previous understanding of BTJ missionaries and the chronology of Chinese missions from the 1960s to today.

Often, we unknowingly build upon the accomplishments of unseen pioneers. Eugene is currently crafting a video series aimed at shedding light on these individuals. Understanding the narratives of those who have paved our paths can be incredibly inspiring, fueling our own passion and drive. The knowledge he gained during his trip to Vietnam left Eugene astounded – it revealed that he had misunderstood the history of BTJ.

He discovered new facts about the very first BTJ missionaries in Vietnam which contradicted his earlier belief that they began their work in 2003.

To learn more about what Eugene has found in church archives regarding these overlooked missionaries, click on the link below:

Episode 729: I Was Wrong About BTJ

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