Children are Under Attack – Here’s One Way to Help

Children are a priority target for the enemy. His attack on them is relentless. They are being bombarded every day at school, with teachings of Marxism, atheism, homosexuality, and racism packaged as Critical Race Theory.

Primary schools are obviously fertile hunting ground, but even their homes are not safe. The homes and bedrooms of small children are being attacked from every side with Hollywood indoctrinating children through movies, music, and TV shows. Silicon Valley is infiltrating with secret videos on handheld devices that deliver the anti-Christ spirit on a silver platter.

There seems to be no end to the blitzkrieg, but now BTJ is offering a defense that helps children understand the true calling for their lives while they are still young. As a parent, these special gifts will help you enrich the lives of your children against the attacks of the enemy.

BTJ’s children’s book series is specifically designed for children 3-9 years of age. Tales from Fufu’s Forest is a collection of exciting and death-defying stories from the mission field that combats the lies of the enemy, by teaching children that the God of the Bible is still alive in the world today and He still hears the prayers of His children.

These books are addictive. Once you read one to your child, they will want you to read another.

Purchase these books risk free. Listen to this special reading of one of the books for free!

Instead of Hollywood providing the heroes for our children, these special books show that the real heroes are those who give their life to God. Stories like Esther who refused to bow to the leader of North Korea, or Mariam who refused to deny Jesus in Sudan, or Brother Yun who celebrated Christmas in prison. Each one the books are as enchanting as the last and they will expose your children to other cultures, languages, and the diverse challenges facing Christians around the world.

More than anything, reading each inspirational story together with your child will leave everyone feeling connected closer to the God of Creation.

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Children’s 6 Book Bundle

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