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In times full of pandemic and election stress, people often look for comfort in their kitchen cabinets. For some it is chocolate, for many it is coffee, and for others less-innocent beverages. But may we suggest you try something different?

Tea is an amazing drink. All over the world people consume it as part of their daily routine. In China for example, you will see students come to class with large bottles of green tea. This is more than just a habit. Tea has some interesting health benefits. It helps concentration. It regulates blood pressure. It reduces your risk of diabetes type 2 and stroke. And it supports weight loss.

But aside from benefitting you personally, some teas can also help others. Those of you who have been following Back to Jerusalem for a while, will have come across ‘Storehouse Tea’. This is an American company, which isn’t all about profit. The unique tea blends they produce are sourced with a concern for environmental sustainability and fair compensation for growers. They are also organic and fair trade certified.

In addition, Storehouse Tea wants to promote the economic development of those who do not have ready access to good employment, such as refugees. They employ several at their head quarters in Ohio.

Last but not least, Storehouse Teas has developed several teas which are sold to benefit the work of Back to Jerusalem, the Schoolhouse Teas. $5 for every box of tea sold goes to help educate the children of Chinese believers who are arrested or persecuted and cannot pay their children’s school fees. You can read more about our martyrs scholarship fund here.

So why not cut back on the coffee and try some healthy and delicious tea instead? Living healthy, enjoying great tastes and supporting mission can all go together. Check out Schoolhouse tea here!

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  1. Hanwiler Nas

    For a dose of tranquility amid life’s turbulence, swap your usual stress-relievers for a cup of tea. Not only does it bring a moment of calm, but certain blends can also be your health allies. ‘Storehouse Tea’ goes beyond, offering not just a soothing experience but a chance to support environmental sustainability and fair trade.


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