DAY 11: NORTH KOREA (12 Days of Christmas Prayers)

my Savior gave to me, a burden for the people of North Korea.

Let’s be honest… North Koreans are living in an earthly hell. The government of North Korea has done everything in their power to remove Jesus and the story of Christmas as far away from their peninsula as possible. The people are suffering every day without knowing that there is a Savior who came to earth, was born in a manger and died for them to be with Him for eternity.

This Christmas many Christians in North Korea will be spending their Christmas in gulags. They will not be feasting on ham or opening gifts, but they will be dying of starvation.

The entire nation is a prison and its people desperately need your prayers.

Today, let’s gather together as families and churches and pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea. Let’s pray that the loving Spirit of Christ breaks through the cold, sterile, isolated, guarded walls and sets the captives free.

North Korea is no stranger to the baby in a manger. Revival fires once burned so hot in North Korea that Pyongyang was literally nicknamed “The Jerusalem of the East.” Churches were filled, Bible schools were packed, and missionaries were on almost every corner handing out tracks to passersby.

If North Korea will ever celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ again, it will take more than nostalgic stories of days gone by – it is going to take prayer and sacrifice. Not the kind of prayer that comes cheaply, but the kind of prayer that requires Christians around the world to stand in the spiritual trenches with their brothers and sisters of North Korea and abandon their regular past time activities for the spirit of a warrior.

Deep inside the Hermit Kingdom lies the secret embers of a revival fire that once burned in the hearts of the people and it will burn again.

If you would like to pray for North Korea beyond just today, you can download our free 30 Day prayer guide for North Korea on our website.


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  1. Daniel

    We are praying. We heard the new that the president of north corea is dead. Do you know anything about it?


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