Christian Sentenced to Death for Post on TikTok

A young Christian has been sentenced to death for allegedly reposting a blasphemous image of a desecrated Quran on TikTok. He didn’t even originally post it – he only reposted it!

Ehsan Shan was accused of sharing “blasphemous content,” a form of hate speech, on the social media site TikTok. In response to the post, 10,000 Muslims went on a rampage burning the homes of 500 Christians and destroying 26 churches in Punjab, Pakistan.

No one was arrested for terrorizing the Christians, burning down their houses, or destroying their churches, but the man, Ehsan, was sentenced to death for reposting an image on social media.

According to Pakistan’s own police report, the young man did not produce and package the blasphemous content himself. He is guilty of reposting it for others to see.

Shan’s death sentence came this week on July 1 and requires him to first serve a prison sentence of 22 years and pay a fine of one million rupees, after which he will be executed.

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