Charity Supporting Terrorism in Gaza

Last week, Israel’s IDF found a massive weapons warehouse and terrorist hideout inside a school built by the U.N. Last week the IDF also found another weapons cache inside what seemed like a war room, with communication equipment and enemy documents – inside a medical clinic.

Israeli soldiers operating in the Shejaiya district of Gaza discovered observation posts, weapons, enemy drones, and a long-range rocket launcher near schools with a large number of terrorists fighting from within a school compound, which also housed a weapons storage facility.

Day after day, the IDF uncovers schools, clinics, and civilian housing complexes that were donated by the international community, but were used as hideouts and launching pads for Islamic terrorists.

Gaza is plagued by poverty and suffering and Christians want to know how to help. The saddest part is that Gaza has no shortage of cash. Gaza has received billions in aid from around the world, including Christian charity organizations. Hamas has an investment portfolio of real estate and other assets worth $500 million, ocean front properties, and the resources to bring in additional wealth, but unfortunately, all of these resources end up in the wrong pockets.

What we are seeing on the ground today shows that so much of the donated funds to Gaza has not gone towards food, education, and medical care for the people, but has gone to the digging of tunnels, buying of weapons, building of rockets, and support for active terrorists.

In addition to Israel, both Gaza and Palestine share borders with the Islamic nations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, but they all place heavy restrictions on those borders to prevent violence and the flow of unauthorized materials.

So, how can Christians help the Palestinian people without aiding terrorism?

The best suggestion to start helping the suffering people in Gaza can be looked at in three steps:

First, stop hoping for the United Nations to provide help. The United Nations is corrupt with anti-biblical values and is just as broken as Gaza itself. They can’t fix the problem, because they are part of the problem.

Second, stop pushing for individual governments to aid Gaza. The continued attacks on Israel makes it clear that government aid to Gaza is largely being misused and the resources are not making it to the people.  This exacerbates the problem in the long run.

Third, look for small, independent Christian organizations who provide targeted support directly to the people in Gaza without going through the hands of Hamas. Many Muslims support the Islamic cause of Hamas, so sending support through Islamic charities can be counter-productive. Many non-religious aid organizations working in Gaza have also shown sympathy to the cause of Hamas and are compromised with the use of their charity funds.

A search for small, independent Christian organizations can be the best chance to get aid directly to the people and ensure that aid is not misdirected to the hands of terrorists.

And of course pray.  Prayer is important.  Christians need to daily pray for the people of Israel, as well as for the people in Palestine.



2 thoughts on “Charity Supporting Terrorism in Gaza”

  1. Praying to the Father that He will hurry and send Elijah back to restore all things and to also humble all men with the first woe, or however He wants to. The violence is terrible, and i understand it has been terrible for many Christians throughout the earth, but thank God they had JESUS with them:) Praying for all; the peace of Jerusalem; and all world leaders. In JESUS’ Holy and Mighty name. Amen. Alleluia.

  2. “The 666 man will come out of the church and announce he is a homosexual at a pageant.” God and JESUS (see Daniel 11:37; 2 Thessalonians Ch. 2; Apocalypse/Book of Revelation Ch’s 13 & 19 in the Douay-Rheims Holy Bible; next closest King James version) and JESUS’ prophecies coming true: Luke Ch. 21:11; Book of Acts Ch. 2:19; Matthew Ch. 24.

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